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News for Microsoft Wireless Mouse

Get the most from Windows with a Microsoft mouse
and affordable wireless mouse, providing precise navigation and an ambidextrous design. It has a 2-year average battery life and customisable buttons to give you access to the Windows features you use most. Inspired by the Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 ...

Amazon is selling Microsoft's Classic IntelliMouse for just $25
You probably wouldn't want to carry a wired mouse around with you and your laptop, but if you've got a desktop PC and wireless mice are unstable for you, this could be perfect. The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse works with Windows 7 and higher; however ...

Best Accessories for HP Spectre x360 13t of 2018
The Tilt Pen utilizes Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP ... Not quite your idea of a mouse? Have a look at our other choices for the best wireless mice, or, if you're experiencing soreness in your wrist, have a look at the Logitech MX ERGO trackball mouse.

Microsoft Research unveils Project Zanzibar mat that interacts with real-world objects
Microsoft Research has unveiled a new portable ... phone over the mat to reveal text or graphics on your mobile display). Oh, and it also works as a wireless charger, capable of sending electricity to low-power devices that may not need their own batteries.

Helpware: Computer hardware that's on the essentials list
Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse: After four years of heavy use, I almost never have ergonomic issues with the non-ball Ergo, and it has held up remarkably well. Epson EcoTank wireless, multifunction color printer: Two years of heavy printing have failed to ...

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Logitech Anywhere MX 2S Wireless Laser Mouse with FLOW Mutli-Computer Control with File ... Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote with RF Control for $139.99 at Amazon (list price $299) Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Gaming Console + Sea of Thieves Video Game ...

UK Daily Deals: £330 off HP OMEN 17 Gaming Laptop, Get Bose QC35 Wireless Headphones II for Free with Huawei P20 Preorder
Created for advanced gamers looking for realistic controls as an alternative to using a mouse and keyboard ... Add all gift cards to your Microsoft store account. Click on your name in the top right hand corner Select "View Microsoft account" from the ...

Review: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse – Thinking Different about Mac functionality
That’s why I decided to go against the grain, so to speak, and try the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse. Apple has made very clear their vision for a wireless future. For better or for worse, Bluetooth headphones, mice, and other peripherals are here to ...

Microsoft gets back in the premium mouse game with Surface Precision Mouse
Microsoft used to make the best mice ... It supports both wireless connections over Bluetooth and wired connections over USB. When using Bluetooth, the mouse can pair with three different devices simultaneously and has a little switch on the bottom for ...