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News for Minecraft

Dragon Quest Builders Switch blends Japanese role-playing story with Minecraft
I’ve never been much of a Minecraft guy. Sure, the game is fun enough, but it’s never held my attention. The principle reason for that: A lack of story. A good sandbox is always a good sandbox, but the finest sandboxes are the ones with enough ...

Minecraft Players Are Helping SMU Researchers Find Better Cancer-Fighting Drugs
Doctoral student Lauren Ammerman with Corey Clark, deputy director of research at SMU Guildhall. Minecraft is a popular video game that’s sort of like virtual Lego. Players find and build stuff by themselves, or online with friends. It’s a simple ...

'Fortnite' is becoming biggest game on internet, surpassing 'Minecraft.' Even Drake plays it
One of the hottest pop culture phenomenons right now is a game called "Fortnite," attracting rap stars, top Twitch streamers and gamers alike. The game, made by Epic Games, is surging in popularity. Google search volume interest for "Fortnite" exceeded ...

Minecraft Now Lets Players Turn on Experimental Gameplay
The latest update to hit Minecraft on Xbox One and PC adds a whole host of new features including the ability for players to try out future updates in beta testing. With the latest update, players can now switch on the option to try out experimental ...

Halo 5, Minecraft, Fruit Ninja, TA B'day Challenge, AC IV & Rogue and more - Weekly Recap #36
As we all should know (and you should be super-ashamed of yourself if you don't), TrueAchievements Has Turned 10! With this momentous occasion came the TrueAchievements 10th Birthday Challenge in which participants needed to unlock achievements with the ...

Minecraft's Update Aquatic comes to beta testers on Windows 10 and Xbox One
Minecraft is getting ready to introduce a whole slew of new aquatic features to the mix, and players can now get a look at them a little early. The Minecraft team is now rolling out features from the Update Aquatic to for beta testing on Windows 10, Xbox ...

If you build it, they will pray? Constructing religious worlds with Minecraft
Jeremy Smith wanted to talk about Jesus, so he picked up a shovel and headed out to build a tunnel. A virtual shovel, that is. As a Christian and fan of the video game Minecraft, Smith has one foot in two communities coming into contact more frequently in ...

5 great kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channels
If you have a child or young relative who is obsessed with Minecraft, they probably spend just as much time sitting in front of YouTube watching Minecraft videos as they do playing the game itself. Minecraft-related YouTube channels pull in millions of ...

'Fortnite' is More Popular Than 'PUBG' and 'Minecraft' and Only Getting Bigger
If it wasn't already, Fortnite is officially a mainstream phenomenon. After last night's stream where Drake played with Twitch streamer Ninja, and broke the individual channel viewership record on Twitch, the game is at a new zenith in popularity.

Can you tame a bat in minecraft?
No. Like Squid, you can't tame, feed or breed Minecraft's bats. No. Like Squid, you can't tame, feed or breed Minecraft's bats. 1. Firstly put wepons in your inventory. 2. Put the mode on easy, normal or hard. 3. Go out and kill some skeletons. Get 4-6 bones.