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News for Minecraft Dungeons

New DLCs for Minecraft & Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft and Minecraft Dunonges are captivating fans worldwide with their braand new DLC packs, available now for players everywhere.

Minecraft And Minecraft Dungeons DLC Packs Announced
Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons are both getting new DLC packs in the near future, and they couldn't be more different. The Minecraft DLC is based on the How to Train Your Dragon film series, while ...

Minecraft Dungeons: Everything players need to know about the game in 2021
Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure game inspired by dungeon crawlers. This game was originally inspired by Nintendo 3DS games and was created to be played on this device. However, Minecraft ...

Minecraft Dungeons goes underwater with Hidden Depths
The Hidden Depths announcement. The developer announced Hidden Depths on the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter page. The brief Hidden Depths announcement tweet says: Heroes, are you brav ...

Minecraft Dungeons 'Hidden Depths' DLC is officially coming May 26 with new 'Raid Captains'
As expected, Minecraft Dungeons is going underwater with its next major DLC expansion, 'Hidden Depths.' The next deep blue expansion is coming to all Minecraft Dungeons platforms through the Season ...

You can now carry your Minecraft Dungeons progression to other platforms
Minecraft Dungeons is nearing its first anniversary, and it has been almost six months since the addition of cross-play. Players have eagerly waited that entire time for Mojang Studios to release ...

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC Arrives This Month
Mojang has announced the Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC, the third of four DLCs in its current Season Pass — and it arrives May 2021!

Minecraft Dungeons to get new Hidden Depths DLC on May 26
Minecraft Dungeons, the cross-platform dungeon crawler from Mojang Studios is getting a new Hidden Depths DLC on May 26.

New Minecraft Dungeons DLC Announced
Minecraft Dungeons developers Mojang Studios and Double Eleven have announced a new DLC pack called Hidden Depths for the spinoff dungeon crawler video game. The new Hidden Depths DLC is set to ...

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths DLC arrives later this month
Mojang Studios has announced Hidden Depths, Minecraft Dungeons' next DLC expansion, which launches alongside a free content update on May 26th.