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News for Missing

Local fire department offers firetruck parades for kids missing out on birthday parties
April 6, 2020 6:05 p.m. In a Facebook post Sunday afternoon, the Burnt Hills Fire Department said they wanted to do a “fire truck drive by” with full lights, sirens and singing to wish happy birthday ...

Missing Winnipeg man last seen in St. Vital
Winnipeg police are asking for helping locating a missing man. Omar Al Ziab, 19, was last seen in the St. Vital area Saturday night. pic.twitter.com/7n1phPjDdz — Winnipeg Police (@wpgpolice) April 6, ...

Georgia Mom Goes Missing as Boyfriend Is Wanted for Murder
She would not go willingly. This isn’t like her.” Michelle Finlay, Autumn’s stepmother, told The Daily Beast that the missing mom has a 2-year-old boy and a 5-year-old who just had his birthday on ...

Missing man last seen with murder victim days before disappearance, NOPD says
New Orleans police are asking for the public's assistance in locating a missing man who was last seen with a person who was later killed in the 2700 block of ...

Endangered, missing Rockford teen may be with older man met online
ROCKFORD, MI -- State police have issued an “endangered missing advisory” for a teen female who last told her mother she was with a 50-year-old man she met online. Maya Sippel, 14, went missing Sunday ...

Man reported missing over the weekend has been found 'safe' on trail, police say
Henry Nagy disappeared after going for a hike near the Aerial Tramway and police Sgt. Mike Casavan said Monday Nagy was found on the Skyline Trail. The Skyline Trail, also known as the Cactus to ...

Umpires missing paychecks, camaraderie spring sports bring
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, none of those games are being played this spring, sidelining all the umpires, too -- along with those who work softball, soccer, lacrosse and every other high school ...

Detroit police seek 28-year-old missing since March
Detroit police are searching for 28-year-old, Showntae Beauford, who was last seen Friday, March 27 at noon in the 15000 block of Edmore Drive in Detroit.

Boat found in Huron River of father, son reported missing in March
Boat found in Huron River of father, son reported missing in March Justin Oaks and his son, Jaxon, were last heard from via a text message March 29. Check out this story on Freep.com: ...

UK parliament has been shamefully missing in coronavirus crisis
In matters of both literal and economic life and death, the people’s voice is not being heard. The government, which is bound to make mistakes in these most difficult times, is not being scrutinised ...

3 Charged With Murder Of Missing 20-Year-Old Charlotte Woman
Mary Collins, 20, was last seen the afternoon of March 28 as she was headed to NoDa, said police, who have charged three with her murder.

Missing: 20,000 D-FW apartment renters to fill new units
Not only home shoppers have hit the pause button. Prospective apartment renters are also sheltering in place in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic. That’s bad news in North Texas, which has the most ...