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News for Missing

Family of missing Lina Sadar Khil, 3, being stalked and harassed with conspiracy theories: report
Missing Lina Sardar Khil's parents say they are being harrassed and stalked during search parties for their 3-year-old.

58-year-old missing man found to have had ‘quick and painless passing’ in San Jose
A 58-year-old man who went missing in San Jose, California, was found to have died “peacefully and quickly” last weekend, according to his family. Details about the cause of Lan’s death are unclear at ...

Missing Dallas 15-year-old has been found, police say
Police said Gabrielle McDonald went missing on April 27. Her mother told WFAA the 15-year-old is currently being treated at a hospital.

Police: Missing Long Island teen may have taken train, traveled outside NYC
Rachel Nugent, 14, was last seen leaving her residence located at 551 Old Dock Road in Kings Park at approximately 6:45 a.m. Investigators believe she may have taken a train to New York City and may ...

Coast Guard searching for missing man after boat washes ashore in Brevard County
The U.S. Coast Guard continues its search for a missing Vero Beach man off the Brevard County coast on Saturday. Read: Coast Guard searching for missing man after boat washes ashore in Brevard County ...

Search underway for missing 69-year-old Virginia woman
A search is underway for a missing 69-year-old woman from Prince Edward County who was last seen Sunday. Aletha Walton, who is from the Keysville/ Meherrin area of the county, was last seen by a ...

Missing persons hotline set up following Gaylord tornado
A hotline has been set up to report missing persons in the Gaylord region, in the wake of a devastating tornado. As of Saturday morning, police have attributed at least 44 injuries and at least one ...

Man found dead, not far from vehicle belonging to missing San Antonio man, deputies say
A man was found dead not far from where the vehicle of a missing San Antonio man was located, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

‘Father Wants Us Dead’ is a top-ranked podcast in the U.S. Catch up on what you’re missing.
But now, thousands of people across the country and even abroad are learning about John List and his horrible legacy in NJ Advance Media’s new podcast, “Father Wants Us Dead.” The serial podcast ...

Police seek public's help finding missing Kings Park girl, 14
Suffolk County police are searching for a missing 14-year-old girl who they believe may have taken a train to New York City or traveled out of state. Police issued a Silver Alert, asking the public to ...

Acadiana came together 10 years ago to find Mickey Shunick. Can we do the same for others missing?
We can't forget her." Those words don't sound so different from the ones uttered by family and friends of Mickey Shunick in the summer of 2012, when Acadiana rallied together to locate the missing ...

Portland Timbers vs. Philadelphia Union, 3 Points to watch: Missing strikers, Philly’s draws, a potential defensive struggle
After a divergent pair of games — a 7-2 win over Sporting Kansas City followed by a 3-2 loss at the San Jose Earthquakes — the Portland Timbers host the Eastern Conference’s top team on Sunday. The ...