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News for Mobile

Four teams to compete on I-10 Mobile River Bridge project
Four teams have been now been assembled to come up with a design and financial plans for the Alabama Department of Transportation's first-ever public-private partnership in overhauling Interstate 10 from Mobile to the Eastern Shore in Baldwin County.

T-Mobile Black Friday deal: Buy one iPhone/Galaxy/LG, get one free
T-Mobile is celebrating Black Friday a week early, but after seeing its deal we can't complain. Starting Friday Nov. 17, anyone who buys a new flagship phone from T-Mobile can get another phone of equal or lesser value for free -- through a rebate -- after ...

Post Instagram Stories From the Mobile Web
Instagram is making its stories feature a little more accessible for those who don't have the Instagram app on their phone. Now, in addition to being able to watch stories on Instagram.com, you can create and post them from your phone's web browser.

Without mobile phones, hundreds of millions of people wouldn't have internet access
The "Digital Divide" is the divide between those who have access to computers and the internet and those who don't. Being on the connected side of the divide and its endless pages of information can be a life changing advantage. In the United States, the ...

You Can Get a Free iPhone or Samsung Galaxy From T-Mobile's Early Black Friday Sale
Get an early start on your Black Friday shopping with this two-for-one deal from T-Mobile. Starting Friday, Nov. 17, customers purchasing a new phone from the service provider will be able to get a free iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or LG smartphone of equal or ...

Gunners blaze: Guns N’ Roses rock hard at T-Mobile Arena
The song was prefaced by a word with as many definitions as the band singing it had guises. “Illusion: Perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature.” Said passage was one of many lines ...

Alibaba & Alipay: A Mobile Future
Singles Day provided some strong context on the company that Alibaba is becoming The company's mobile strategy and relationship with Alipay, a fintech payment processor, paid huge dividends on this year's 11/11 especially with under-25 consumers A future ...

Instagram Stories and Saving Posts Are Now Available via the Mobile Web
Instagram users who access the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network via the mobile web now have access to two of its most popular features. The features will be available to all users “in the coming weeks,” and Instagram added in its blog ...

3 Tools for Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign
Marketers can no longer afford to ignore the opportunities that mobile offers. Having a mobile marketing campaign is now essential. By the end of 2017, brands will have spent close to $40 billion on mobile marketing. By 2020, they will spend over $65 billion.

Qualcomm, ZTE, & China Mobile Demo World First 5G NR Testing
Qualcomm can now claim yet another world first thanks to a partnership between the chip maker and both ZTE and China Mobile. The trio has now announced, via Qualcomm’s official blog, the world’s first successfully completed end-to-end 5G New Radio (NR ...