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News for Morgan Silver Dollar

Stories of Old Nevada: Why I am fascinated by silver dollars
Every Monday, Mom, being a blackjack dealer, would give me one silver dollar for my weekly lunch. I soon noticed that in addition to the Peace Dollars minted from 1921 through 1935, many were the much older Morgan dollars minted off and on from 1878 ...

Counterfeit Coin Detection – 1903-S Counterfeit Morgan Dollar
The Morgan Dollar is one of the most popular coins with collectors, and it’s not hard to see why. Silver dollars have a certain nostalgic appeal and an uncirculated Morgan Dollar, with its swirling “cartwheel” luster, can be quite attractive.

Coin collectors gather in Longmont to trade wares, stories
While Bill was trying to sell off most of his collection, he was still on the search for an 1893 Morgan silver dollar minted in Philadelphia that was "about uncirculated," a designation for a coin that has very little wear and tear. Bill already has an ...

Do dates mean anything on coins?
As an example, whatever happened to the 12,000 reported 1895 business strike Morgan silver dollars, while only 880 proofs have been able to be documented? In more modern history, the United States continued to strike 1964-dated Kennedy half dollars into ...

Legend Rare Coin Auctions to present the P.F.M. Morgan Dollar Collection, the current #6 PCGS Registry Set
With the P.F.M. Morgan Dollar and the Crow River Peace Dollar Collections consigned to the 26th Regency Auction, Legend Rare Coin Auctions will be presenting a special session on Wednesday, May 16, that is being dubbed “Dollar Day.” Every silver dollar ...

Seeing double on a Lincoln cent?
Toning on Morgan dollars: artificial or natural? Professional grader Michael Fahey writes in his “First Grade” column, “The presence of attractive original toning on a Morgan silver dollar has increased the value and demand for these coins for many d ...

Darke Co. Coin Club holds 52nd annual show
“The Morgan dollars are very collectible and expensive,” said Magoteaux ... “We have people who collect silver, paper money, tokens, memorabilia — we have more than just coins here. We have stamps, sports memorabilia, antiques, postcards ...

Goldman Sachs’ change of CEO reignites an old Wall Street debate
In response, some of its former banking partners considered trying to topple Lloyd Blankfein, the former gold and silver trader who ... part to its multi-trillion dollar balance sheet and the leadership of Jamie Dimon. Morgan Stanley acquired Smith Barney ...