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News for Mount

Man found dead in car’s wreckage east of Mount Hamilton
A man was found dead in a wrecked car off Del Puerto Canyon Road, and it’s unknown how long the vehicle had gone unnoticed, the California Highway Patrol said. A Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy ...

Police: Mount Hope couple dead in murder/suicide
MOUNT HOPE - An elderly husband shot and killed his wife and then took his own life in their home on Mount Hope Road Wednesday morning in what state police are calling a murder/suicide. Police said ...

Mount Joy man charged after misrepresenting self as lawyer, taking money: police
A Mount Joy man told a woman he would represent her in court and accepted payment for legal services, but then never showed up, according to the East Hempfield Township ...

Authorities release name of woman found dead in Mount Greenwood fire
A woman died in an apartment fire Wednesday morning in Mouth Greenwood on the Southwest Side. She was identified as 24-year-old Shamia Carlvin by the Cook County medical examiner’s office. About 4:50 ...

Gleason out, Carter in as Mount Vernon Dem chief shakes up party slate for council seats
Insisting on being on two different slates, a Mount Vernon city council candidate lost the backing of the city's Democratic chairman.

Losses mount for virus-hit Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand posted a NZ$72 million ($53.4 million) half-year loss Thursday and warned the airline was poised to plunge further into the red as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cripple ...

Foxconn could build electric cars at its facility in Mount Pleasant after agreement with Fisker
Foxconn and California car company Fisker have entered into an agreement that could lead to cars being built in Mount Pleasant.

Foxconn says it's considering building or designing electric vehicles in Mount Pleasant
Foxconn's Taiwanese parent company Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. is looking to get into the electric-powered vehicle business. What impact or effect this might have locally is unclear as its ...

Majestic Mount St. Helens reaches for the stars — and a planet, and a galaxy
A photo of Mount St. Helens, looking south toward the mountain and showing Jupiter with the Milky Way, is simply stunning. It is a tremendously peaceful image of a place that has seen such enormous ...

Mount Etna’s latest eruptions in Italy awe even those who study volcanos
Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, has awed even seasoned volcanologists in recent days with spectacular spurts of lava lighting up the Sicilian sky each night.

Tech stocks slammed as inflation fears mount
U.S. equity markets finished mixed Monday as tech shares pulled back on valuation concerns and cyclicals gained.

Police investigate deaths of Mount Hope couple as murder-suicide
Police are investigating the deaths of an elderly couple in Mount Hope as a murder-suicide. They say the man who lived in the home on Mount Hope Road called 911 around 10 a.m. and claimed that a ...