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News for Mozambique

President off to Mozambique
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa will today visit Mozambique where he is expected to meet his counterpart, President Filipe Nyusi and Zimbabweans resident in that country. The President has embarked on a regional tour to apprise fellow Sadc leaders on political ...

Mozambique's gas-rich north faces specter of further attacks
MAPUTO and JOHANNESBURG (Bloomberg) -- Sporadic attacks by gunmen in northern Mozambique will probably continue although they’re unlikely to hurt investment in the region’s sizable gas resources, Control Risks Ltd. said, after seven people were killed ...

Mozambique: More than a Tropical Paradise
There’s an extraordinary diversity of places in Africa to spice up your travel bucket list. One of the continent’s underrated gems is Mozambique, boasting long stretches of exotic beaches, exceptional cuisine, and many other enchanting tourist attractions.

Mozambique: No Justice for Abuses Before Ceasefire
Mozambique’s government has failed to hold anyone to account for serious abuses by both state security forces and the opposition Renamo in the year prior to a December 2016 ceasefire. (Maputo) – Mozambique’s government has failed to hold anyone to ...

Rio Tinto and former execs seek dismissal of Mozambique fraud charges
Rio Tinto and two former executives are seeking to have fraud charges brought by US regulators dropped, arguing that they did not cover up a bungled coal deal in Mozambique while the company raised billions of dollars in the bond market. In letters filed ...

Standard Bank/ICBC finance benchmark Mozambique LNG deal
A new $8bn investment in Mozambique’s Coral Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) development marks Mozambique’s first step as a regional and global offshore natural gas producer and supplier. The landmark energy deal is the first of its kind in the ...

Thailand, Mozambique to collaborate in all development plans
Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – Thailand and Mozambique are set to collaborate more in the development of projects in all areas. Ambassador of Mozambique to Thailand, Maria Gustava, on January 15 paid a courtesy call to Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha to bid ...

Mozambique's CPI inflation slows to 5.65 percent y/y in December
MAPUTO (Reuters) - Mozambique’s annual consumer price inflation slowed to 5.65 percent in December from 7.15 percent in November, the National Institute of Statistics said on Wednesday.

11% growth in Mozambique's telecoms sector
According to recent statistics, released at the end of 2017, Mozambique's telecoms sector grew by 11% in 2016. The Regulatory Report 2016 is only the second of study of its kind to be released by Mozambique's Communications Regulatory Authority (INCM) over ...

Anadarko Discussing Mozambique LNG Supply With Chinese Buyers
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is in talks to sate China’s increasing appetite for liquefied natural gas from its planned development in Mozambique. It’s in discussions with “a variety of Chinese counterparts including national oil companies and emerging ...