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Mormon Church Pays Substantial Damages to Settle Copyright Infringement Lawsuit.
(SEARCH FOR SCOURBY BIBLE) The Desktop App for Windows and MAC, the Android App and Audio Bible Mp3 Downloads are all offered on our website. Start listening to the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded ONCE AGAIN. In 1988 the Quorum of the Twelve wanted the best ...

5 Free MP3 Downloads Of Demo Songs [Sound Sunday]
For this Sunday’s MP3 download post I decided to hunt down some demos of new bands or artists working on an upcoming album. I ended up with 5 free MP3 demo downloads covering a wide range of genres. Hopefully everyone will find something they like.

Xfinity Mobile launches a deal that's hard to refuse
One GB could sustain one of the following: 29,257 plain text emails, 5,120 emails with Excel or Word attachments, 1,024 (1 MB) photos, 353 videos (one minute each), 256 MP3 downloads, or 34 hours of light-gaming. But as mentioned, Xfinity Mobile has a ...

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MP3 Downloads of Today's Best Worship Songs Now Available on OCP.org
PORTLAND, OR (JUNE 30, 2008) -- Customers looking to purchase their favorite songs from OCP artists now have a new option. OCP's recently redesigned Web site, www.OCP.org, now offers full-length, high-quality (256 kbps), DRM-free MP3s for download ...

MP3 Downloads Per Player Drop Sharply
Americans are falling out of love with downloading music. Over the past five quarters, the average number of songs downloaded per MP3 player (search) owned has dropped an astounding 41.4 percent, according to industry data contained in a recent report.

Clickster Offers Supposedly Legal MP3 Downloads
Sometimes the PR materials are so full of noise that they become more interesting than the actual product they're supposed to advertise. Such is the case with Clickster, a desktop software application which searches MP3s on web sites and lets you rip them ...

Amazon Says International MP3 Downloads Coming in 2008
Amazon has made the important, if vague, announcement that its DRM-free MP3 downloads will be made available internationally starting in 2008. Taking its content from all four major record labels internationally will strengthen its position as a superior ...

Amazon to Offer DRM-free MP3 Downloads
Amazon announced today that they will begin selling DRM-free MP3 music downloads from over 12,000 labels, the largest being EMI. EMI, of course, was the first major record label to sell music without DRM via Apple’s iTunes store earlier this month.

Oasis, Gorillaz, Lissie, Here We Go Magic – 10 Best Free MP3 Downloads This Week
Another weekly round-up for you: we’ve gathered the ten best free downloads on the Internet, including Oasis, Gorillaz, Lissie, Here We Go Magic and more. Share your thoughts below! Oasis may be no more (for now), but that doesn’t mean that one of ...