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iTunes Announces All Music Downloads Will Be Shut Down and It's Not a 'Black Mirror' Episode
Go figure. Secondly, it begs the question: who will replace offline MP3 downloads? Without offline downloads, the existence of iTunes as a platform is essentially pointless, and it creates a vacuum for other companies to fill and monopolize on paid ...

As CDs wane and streaming rules, vinyl once again fuels Boulder County's record stores
But that shift is more about digital-music consumers moving to streaming services rather than buying 99-cent MP3 downloads. Total revenue from music-streaming platforms rose 43 percent in 2017 to $5.7 billion, while revenue from paid digital downloads fell ...

I’m an Award-Winning Cellist and Composer. Want to See My Royalties?
For 258 MP3 downloads on Amazon, she received $656.96. Under performing rights income, Keating earned $36,929 from ASCAP. She also netted $3,557 from Pandora via SoundExchange. For advertising share via YouTube CMS, Keating scored $1,504.

MP3 Downloads Per Player Drop Sharply
Americans are falling out of love with downloading music. Over the past five quarters, the average number of songs downloaded per MP3 player (search) owned has dropped an astounding 41.4 percent, according to industry data contained in a recent report.

Amazon MP3 Downloads: 40 Free Single Downloads Various Artists
Amazon.com has a regular free round of free MP3 downloads you can snag for your free tune library you've been working on. Go here to see what I'm talking about. There are 41 tunes included - make sure it has FREE listed as the price or 0.00 before you ...

Amazon Says International MP3 Downloads Coming in 2008
Amazon has made the important, if vague, announcement that its DRM-free MP3 downloads will be made available internationally starting in 2008. Taking its content from all four major record labels internationally will strengthen its position as a superior ...

Below the Scroll: 157-year-old woman, free Bonnaroo MP3 downloads
• Funny story: A guy got a $90 ticket after he was caught on a speeding camera, and, for his revenge, he bought the lapsed domain name of the local police department's Web site. Now, on the site, he posts links about speeding camera traps. Tri Cities

Do you think chunchyroll should offer mp3 Downloads?
I went into the music section of Crunchyroll and it was only videos, more over, most of the videos I watched were only short clips and not the entire song. I think crunchyroll should make a mp3 download section for the OST of our favorite anime songs and ...

HMV cuddles up to Apple, brings MP3 downloads through new iOS app
HMV has announced that its latest app will allow MP3 downloads through iOS – the first to do this since, well, iTunes. According to Gizmodo UK, which has already had some time with the app, HMV has managed to break through Apple's famously walled garden ...

Cost Plus World Market: Get 3 Free Cultural Music MP3 Downloads
Cost Plus World Market is offering free music downloads to their World Market Explorer Club members. Not a member? You can become one quick and free. Go here to get started. Click the register button on the right. Create an account. Use your personalized ...