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MyKee 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool, Save 16%
We have a great deal on the MyKee 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool in the Geeky gadgets Deals store today, you can save 16% off the regular price. The MyKee 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool is available in our deals store for $24.99 it normally retails for $30.

Siemens Releases Solid Edge 2019, Packed with New Tools and Updated Features
Solid Edge CAM Pro is a new system that allows users to program CNC machine tools, and supports both simple NC programming and high-speed, multi-axis machining. On the additive manufacturing side of things, automated print and color preparation allow ...

Nvidia Releases a Batch of Open Source Tools for AI
The two-front approach includes Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) release to developers this week of a Kubernetes on GPU capability aimed at enterprises training models on multi-cloud GPU clusters ... learning framework, the tool aims to boost application ...

Survey Identifies Emerging Anti-Fraud Tools Favored by E-Commerce Merchants
The fraud-fighting tools of the future for e-commerce retailers include artificial intelligence, multi-merchant velocity checks, and fingerprint identification, according to a poll of 166 merchants for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. None of those ...

3D world-building tool SculptVR makes its way to PSVR
That's the power of SculptrVR's multi-scale voxel engine ... Hopefully, these applications' arrival is only the beginning, and PSVR gets access to more creative tools in the future.

"Curves Matter" CATI body armor CQB meme Multi-Curve vs. Single Curve
Track Your Roll Call Training with PoliceOne Academy. Access our library of more than 1,200 courses and videos and manage your training on the most powerful online training tool for law enforcement. Schedule your Free Demo now

Penta, the bank account for SMEs, adds multi-card support to manage expenses
Penta, the German fintech startup that offers a digital bank account targeting SMEs, has launched multi-card support to make it easier ... ability to sync your account to third-party accounting tools. Meanwhile, Team Access is being rolled out in two ...

Docker Advances Container Platform for the Multi-Cloud World
"So for example, we're driving the native amazon security policies, but we're not we're not exposing that users, we're abstracting that out, making it easier to user and manage for a multi-cloud deployment." The Docker Desktop developer tools, which ...

AUO Announces New Multi-busbar Mono-crystalline Solar Module with Impressive Power Output
The new SunBravo mono-crystalline module series apply an advanced multi-busbar technology featuring shorter current ... average to ensure outstanding power performance. Powerful Tools for Solar System Monitoring To enhance the efficiency of power plant ...

Uncovering Hidden Performance: Tools for Every IT Pro
This combination of libraries, compilers, optimization and test tools provides everything IT pros ... performance* improvement for code by using vectorization, multithreading, and multi-node parallelization and memory optimization, whether your code ...