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News for Murder

Murder suspects want jury to hear about Ahmaud Arbery’s criminal record, mental health
The three white Georgia men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery want a judge to allow evidence of the Black man’s criminal record and mental health issues at their upcoming trial.

Derek Chauvin qualifies for a longer sentence in George Floyd’s murder, judge rules
A judge found prosecutors had proven beyond a reasonable doubt four of five aggravating factors in Floyd’s killing that they argued should result in a tougher prison sentence.

Watch live: Murder suspect in the middle of bizarre tiger search released on bond, FBCSO says
There’s still no sign of India, the Bengal tiger last seen with Victor Hugo Cuevas outside his west Houston home.

Trial begins for Stafford murder linked to tarot card reading
The preliminary hearing for a man accused of murdering a man he met through a tarot card reader in Stafford is set to begin May 17. Romeo Garza-Castrejon, 28, is facing a first-degree felony charge ...

Army soldier charged with murder opened fire at Cleveland New Year’s Eve party after cousin was attacked, prosecutor says
A New Year’s Eve 2018 triple slaying in which a U.S. Army soldier is charged with murder began when a man attacked the soldier’s cousin, a prosecutor said during opening statements delivered Wednesday ...

Colorado murder-suicide that killed 6 rooted in domestic violence, officials say
Six family members who were killed at a birthday party over the weekend were targeted by the boyfriend of one of the victims, who was not invited.

Russia shooting: Suspect Ilnaz Galyaviev charged with murder
A man has been charged with multiple counts of murder over a mass shooting at a school in Kazan, Russia. Nine people were killed in the attack at School No. 175 on Tuesday - seven pupils and two ...

95-year-old Lafayette murder suspect to undergo competency evaluation
The 95-year-old man accused of shooting and killing a Lafayette assisted living facility employee is undergoing an evaluation after attorneys raised issues about his competency.

Man, 49, held on suspicion of Gloucester woman's murder
Police have arrested a 49-year-old man from Gloucester on suspicion of murder in connection with the incident and he remains in police custody.

Derek Chauvin can face longer sentence over aggravating factors in George Floyd murder, judge rules
Convicted killer Derek Chauvin could face a lengthier prison sentence after a Minnesota judge found that he abused his authority as a police officer and treated George Floyd with “particular cruelty,” ...

Coronation Street's Kelly Neelan charged with the murder of Seb Franklin
Coronation Street spoilers follow. Coronation Street's Kelly Neelan was charged with murder tonight (May 12) as the Seb Franklin and Nina Lucas attack storyline took another turn.

Fundraiser For Triple Murder Victims' Families + Farmers Market
Patch in Catonsville has launched an easy-to-read newsletter providing you with the news you need to start your day.