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News for Murder

Gang member found guilty of attempted murder of boy, 12, after rapping about it in prison
Stephen Dunford, 25, fired a shotgun from the passenger seat of a car as it drove past the boy in Arbourthorne, Sheffield, in January.

Father of 2 killed in Alabaster party shooting; 1 charged with attempted murder
Anfernee Jordan Brown, 25, of Calera, is charged with attempted murder. Authorities identified the person killed as 27-year-old Rakeem Shields.

'Strange, unprecedented times' Buoc murder trial resumes as two jurors excused over Covid concerns
The double murder trial of Alam Buoc will resume with the minimum 10 jurors after two seniors were discharged from the jury Monday and sent home due to concerns over their age, health and heightened ...

After man sentenced to 40 years in St. Paul murder, courthouse locked down and shots fired nearby
After a man was sentenced Monday for his role in a St. Paul murder, a dispute began in the main downtown courthouse lobby and gunshots were fired several blocks away, according to the Ramsey ...

Police Seek Suspect Identified In Murder Of 27-Year-Old Glen Burnie Man Fillmore James Burriss
Police have identified a suspect in the shooting death of the 27-year-old Glen Burnie man Fillmore James Burriss and are asking the public's help in finding him. Katie Johnston reports.

'She won't be the last': why not enough has changed since the murder of Banaz Mahmod
In 2006, the 20-year-old was killed on the orders of family members. Ahead of an ITV drama on the case, her sister reflects on the police response ...

Cameroon Troops Jailed 10 Years For Murder Of Four Civilians
The killings took place in 2015 in Zeleved, in Cameroon's Far North region where troops have been deployed to fight Boko Haram jihadists carrying out cross-border attacks from Nigeria. The military ...

Chicago Golden Gloves Boxer Ivry Hall Charged With Murder In Alabama
Golden Gloves boxer Ivry Hall defied the odds, survived growing up in a tough neighborhood, graduated as valedictorian and went off to college, but now he is charged with murder in Alabama.

Anne Arundel judge sentences two prison gang members to 30 years for murder behind bars
An Anne Arundel County judge handed down the maximum sentence to two members of a white supremacist prison gang Monday after they killed a rival inmate by stabbing him more than 50 times at a state ...

Hampton man charged with murder after Newport News stabbing incident
A man was detained at the scene in connection to the stabbing, and police said early Monday morning that they are not looking for any additional suspects.

Police identify suspect in murder of Glen Burnie man at family gathering, search for the 21-year-old
Anne Arundel County police are searching for a 21-year-old man charged in the shooting death of a Glen Burnie man last week.

31-year-old arrested, charged with murder in NE Portland fatal shooting
Donald Beckwith has been charged with one count of second-degree murder with a firearm and one count of unlawful use of a weapon with a firearm in the death of LaSalle Jamal Shakier, the district ...