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News for Myanmar

Myanmar's political crisis is fueling an 'uncontrolled' outbreak of COVID-19
Record numbers of people are dying as the nation's healthcare system has all but collapsed. Virus-stricken residents of Yangon have resorted to flying flags outside their homes indicating pleas for ...

Myanmar floods, coup, complicate growing COVID-19 outbreak
Flooding in Myanmar has displaced hundreds of people, residents said on Tuesday, adding to the misery of a nation struggling against a fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak while living through the ...

Pentagon chief: Myanmar military acts ‘flatly unacceptable’
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin decried the actions of Myanmar's military rulers on Tuesday and urged a regional bloc to keep demanding an end to the violence. Myanmar, also called Burma, has been ...

Myanmar rights groups complain to OECD over Telenor sale
Myanmar-based rights groups have submitted a complaint to the OECD against Telenor after the Norwegian state-owned telecoms company sold its business in the conflict-torn south-east Asian country to a ...

Myanmar: Junta Escalates Media Crackdown
Myanmar’s military junta should stop prosecuting journalists and end its assault on independent media, Human Rights Watch said today, releasing a video about the media crackdown. “Myanmar’s junta has ...

Myanmar's floods complicate its COVID-19 outbreak
Patients, especially those who depend on oxygen, needed to be evacuated from the center incase the rain did not stop and the flooding worsened, according to the Karen Information Center media ...

How Myanmar’s Coup Puts Democracy on the Back Burner Again
Ten years after Myanmar began its transition to democracy -- following decades of brutal military rule and isolation -- the armed forces are back in power.

Myanmar Poll Results Annulled as Election Body Claims Fraud
Myanmar’s military annulled the results of last year’s general election that was won in a landslide by civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, saying it had misused its administrative power.

American Executive Who Returned to Myanmar Forced to Flee—Again
Chris Tun came back as a democratic transition was under way and foreign companies took an interest in his native country. A military coup brought the new era to a sudden end.

Myanmar junta cancels results of 2020 polls won by Suu Kyi's party
Myanmar's junta on Monday cancelled the results of 2020 polls won by Aung San Suu Kyi's party, announcing they were not "free and fair" almost six months after deposing the Nobel laureate in a coup.

While the virus devours Myanmar, the junta wages war on doctors
It was an act of appalling vengefulness, even by the standards of the junta that has inflicted terror on Myanmar since seizing power in a coup on February 1.As the Delta coronavirus variant ripped ...

Jailed by Myanmar junta, Oz economist ‘faces Covid risk’
The wife of Australian economist Sean Turnell has issued an appeal pleading with the Myanmar military authorities to release her husband as a serious threat of Covid was affecting the colonial-era ...