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13 Perfect Summer Nail Colors That Slay In The Sun
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This Woman Names OPI Nail Polish Shades For A Living
Nail polishes always have the cutest names. Of course, they’re never just “red” or “pink.” Some of the most iconic OPI shades include Tiramisu for Two (a classic nude), Lincoln Park After Dark (a dark purple) and Mod About You (a perfect pink).

Sally Hansen Is Releasing Another Crayola Nail Polish Collaboration
Sally Hansen made the announcement of the Spring Fling line on Instagram with an adorable video. There are six colors in the latest Sally Hansen x Crayola range. The shades are inspired by the spring school season and are meant to evoke the nostalgia of ...

This Instagrammable Nail Polish Will Transport You Straight Into Summer Vibes
The brand was founded a few years ago with the idea that most of us don’t ever completely finish an entire bottle of nail polish. With a cruelty-free, vegan and 8-free (free of eight harmful toxins) formula, you can feel good about the polish you’re ...

Beyoncé Wears Different Nail Colors During Coachella 2018 Performance
"Beyoncé changing her nail polish during her Coachella set is the level of extra we all need to achieve," one person (accurately) tweeted. However, as believable as it is that Queen Bey could set a new world record for the fastest manicure ever ...

Global Nail Care Market Analysis, Growth Trends and Future Forecast during 2017 - 2022
Along with the new type of nail polish, manufacturers are also focusing on developing new nail polish removals that don’t damage nails. There has been an increasing focus on the use of oil, soy-based formula and water-based formula as an ingredient in ...

Enter a World of Bulk Gel Nail Polish at Gel-Nails.com
LYNN, Mass., April 17, 2018 (Newswire.com) - Being successful in business means giving customers what they want, and in the nail salon and spa industry, that means gel nail polish. Gel polish equals manicures and pedicures that look better and last longer.

The Chemistry of Nail Art
The mirror effect was created with a special powder that a nail technician, as they’re referred to in the industry, rubbed onto a layer of polish with a tiny sponge. It was mesmerizing, and a little mystifying. How did the glitter powder transform into a ...

Sally Hansen x Crayola Nail Polish Exists & Your Nails Are Going To Look Like A Crayon Box — EXCLUSIVE
Scholastic book fairs, field trips, recess. Why can't childhood last forever? Unfortunately, it can't, but that doesn't mean you can't embrace a bit of nostalgia. Sally Hansen x Crayola's Spring Fling collection is coming to remind you of your childhood in ...