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Woman shares ‘insane’ list of demands for nanny job – with 15 minute sections and stopping them making ANY noise
A WOMAN has detailed the very demanding job description she received after applying for a nanny role – and people labelled the bizarre expectations “insane” and even ...

Woman Who Once Interviewed To Be A Nanny For Scientologists Shares Their Extreme Requests
Actress Hollis Jane Andrews shared she interviewed to be a nanny for a Scientologist family nearly a decade ago and was met with a wild list of guidelines.

Families find nanny shares when day care is hard to find, cost unaffordable
Some have found smaller in-home day cares or even returned to their regular day care provider once child care options reopened last May. Kristen Brooks found herself working from home with 2-year-old ...

Nanny is awarded more than £38,000
Janine O'Harris, 47, said French banker Nicolas Granatino dismissed her on the spot a day after she voiced her concerns about self-isolation rules.

How do nanny taxes work? They’re complicated, but skipping them is a mistake
In these scenarios, the dreaded Nanny Tax issue may be in play for work done in the recent past or for work still being done. The Nanny Tax refers to your duty to withhold and deposit a household ...

Government accused of ‘nutty nanny statism’ over plan to ban junk food adverts on TV before 9pm and TOTALLY online
The Government was today accused of “nutty nanny statism” with its plan to ban junk food adverts on TV before 9pm and a total ban online. Despite railing against the “Nanny State” in the past, Boris ...

The Nanny Season 6
After being fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, Fran becomes the nanny to the three children of a rich English widower. As time passes, the two fall for each other.

Why ‘The Nanny’ Really Got Cancelled
Eventually, The Nanny got pulled from the network’s time slots. Now, the classic sitcom is back for fans to binge-watch. On April 1, the show became available to watch on the streaming platform HBO ...

Scientology parents create ‘bonkers’ list of requirements for nanny getting paid $13/hr
A former nanny has taken to social media to expose the “bonkers” list of demands expected of her from a Scientology family with two young boys. Hollie Jane Andrews revealed that she had interviewed ...

Actress Who Interviewed to Nanny for Scientologist Family Shares Job Description, and Yikes
Actress Hollis Jane Andrews shared a job description for a nanny job she applied for back in 2013... and yikes. The two page document listed all the requirements for a "Magical Nanny/Housekeeper", and ...

De Rugy: FDA eager to impose nanny-state edict on cigarettes
If it doesn’t look like avocado toast, you can’t have it. That’s the message I get loud and clear from Uncle Sam when I read story after story about the Food and Drug ...