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News for Native

Two bills are passed to address missing and murdered Native American women
In some reservations, Indigenous women are murdered at rates more than 10 times higher than the U.S. average. The murder of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind prompted the drafting of Savanna’s Act, which ...

New push to retire Native team names headed to Legislature
The first Native American woman elected to the Washington state House of Representatives says she is drafting legislation to remove Native-themed mascots and team names at public schools. This has ...

Berkeley Native American site slated for homes named a key endangered historic place
Groups fighting a housing development on the Ohlone shellmound won a victory Thursday when the National Trust for Historic Preservation singled out the site.

‘Girlfriends’ star Reggie Hayes was on top of the world. Now the Chicago native is struggling to find work and battling congestive heart failure.
Chicago native Reggie Hayes talks about a recent health scare, his time on "Girlfriends" and difficult road he's traveled since the show ended.

Native communities wait to see if their fight for atonement gains ground: Part 2
“For my future grandkids and ... future generations, I’m hoping that the struggles that we’re battling now, that they don’t have to,” Muscogee Creek Nation Principal Chief David Hill told “Nightline.” ...

Savanna's Act, a bipartisan bill to address 'tragic issue' of missing and murdered Native Americans, passes US House
Savanna's Act is named for Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, a 22-year-old pregnant Spirit Lake tribal member from North Dakota who was killed in 2017.

Acoma Pueblo Becomes the First Native American Tribe to Use the AB Kiosk System for Alcohol Monitoring
Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico becomes the first Native American tribe to use an autonomous AB Kiosk system to conduct court-mandated alcohol monitoring.

Houston native Travis McShane to debut Ostia restaurant in Montrose
A rising star chef whose resume includes working with acclaimed celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman, has returned to his hometown to launch Ostia restaurant, which debuts in the Montro ...

Kentucky Native George Clooney Reacts to Breonna Taylor Decision With Powerful Message
If anyone knows about Kentucky, it's George Clooney. The actor reacted to his home state's decision over Breonna Taylor's case on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

Fry bread is not a Native cultural food
Fry bread is a comforting food in the modern Native American diet, but many do not consider it to be a cultural food.

National Park Service allows for the killing of native elk to appease ranchers, angering conservationists
In an unprecedented move, the number of tule elk in California’s Point Reyes National Seashore is being capped to make way for cattle.

Hubbard native Bailey Martin on meeting soccer star Lionel Messi
Bailey Martin explains what it was like meeting soccer star Lionel Messi. Des Moines Register. Clear Lake football coach Jared DeVries on how he got his start as a volunteer assis ...