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News for Nativity

Federal judges rule revised Concord Spectacular constitutional
DUNLAP — Three federal judges have concluded that the revised version of Concord High School's annual holiday show — including the mannequin Nativity scene — does not violate the U.S. Constitution. A three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals ...

The Nativity School holds Annual Mother and Son Obstacle Course Event
The Nativity School’s third annual Mother and Son event took place Sunday, March 11 at the school’s Holy Family Activity Center. Preschool through 8th grade boys partnered with their moms for an afternoon team-building experience competing in an Xtreme ...

Baby Jesus Stolen from Nativity Scene 90 Years Ago Returned to New Jersey Church
Staff at a New Jersey church called police for what they thought was a suspicious package but it turned out to be a baby Jesus stolen from a nativity scene about 90 years ago.

Baby Jesus stolen from NJ church Nativity scene returned after nearly 100 years
HOBOKEN, N.J. — Church staff called police for what they thought was a suspicious package, but it turned out to be a baby Jesus stolen from the Our Lady of Grace Church Nativity scene about 90 years ago. Staff discovered the package on Wednesday.

Jesus statue stolen from church’s nativity display almost 90 years ago returned
A small statue of Jesus that was stolen from a New Jersey church has finally returned home — after nearly 90 years. Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken received a welcome surprise this week when a mysterious package it received from Florida included a ...

L’Arche founder Jean Vanier shows a path to love in ‘Summer in the Forest’
This one is in Bethlehem, where residents are fashioning lambswool into cute Nativity sets. The 10 or 15 residents who live there are taking a break, enjoying a pita bread snack. The tea is served in clear glass mugs. The camera follows the young woman’s ...

PIAA SWIMMING: Nativity's Schreffler takes 8th in 100 butterfly
LEWISBURG — Ryan Schreffler stood on the medals stand clad in a green Nativity sweatsuit, a beaming smile across his face and a PIAA swimming medal around his neck. Nativity had its first boys’ swimming state medalist. Using a strong swim in the ...

Police in Bermuda confirm they have found body of missing Saint Joe’s student from Delco
As authorities in Bermuda were appealing to the public for any pertinent information regarding the last known whereabouts of 19-year-old Mark Dombroski and the events that led to his death, friends here in Delaware County gathered in prayer at Nativity B.V ...

Nativity of Our Lord holds open house for remolded Rhinelander church
RHINELANDER - Nativity of Our Lord Parish members got a chance to see their new church home for the first time on Friday. After more than a decade of planning, and months of construction, the newly remodeled Rhinelander church had its first open house.

Baby Jesus stolen 90 years ago from Nativity scene returned to New Jersey church
HOBOKEN, N.J. — Church staff called police for what they thought was a suspicious package, but it turned out to be a baby Jesus stolen from the Our Lady of Grace Church Nativity scene about 90 years ago. Staff at the Hoboken, New Jersey church ...