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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Taylor Swift's "J" Necklace — You Know the One
Taylor Swift has been notoriously private about her romance with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but it seems like she is getting more comfortable showing her love for him — at least through fashion. For months now, it seems every time we see a new photo or video ...

Woman Hopes Thief Will Return Stolen Necklace Containing Dad's Ashes
A woman from Hopkinton is devastated that a thief stole her prized necklace containing the ashes of her father. WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports. Will National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster hang on to his job?

Stolen Necklace Had Dad's Ashes: Woman's Plea For A Return
FRAMINGHAM, MA—It's bad enough to endure the aggravation and personal violation of having your car broken into, but when the burglars steal something irreplaceable, it can be devastating. Brittany Tognacci's car was parked last Friday at the Stop & Shop ...

After 100 days, Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley plans for 'cultural necklace,' Dock Street revitalization
Mayor Gavin Buckley ran on big ideas — a trolley, a spray park and, if not a real Ferris wheel, at least its festive spirit. The mayor has been in office for more than three months, enough time to learn government moves slowly and unexpectedly, but not ...

Necklace with dad's ashes stolen from woman's car at grocery store
After her father died, Brittany Tognacci took comfort in the silver necklace that was suspended from her cars’s rear-view mirror, the MetroWest Daily News reported. The piece, a simple heart with the word “Dad” engraved on the back, accompanied ...

Shoes, belt, or a pearl necklace?
Shoes, belt, or a pearl necklace? At Paris Fashion Week, designers Giambattista Valli and Junko Shimada and actress-models Audrey Marnay and Kristine Froseth name the accessories they can't live without. (March 7) Check out this story on USATODAY.com ...

Antiques & Collectibles: Tiffany necklace bears an unusual request
Question: I recently purchased a 15½-inch-long silver chain-link choker necklace at a house sale. When it is worn, a small, silver engraved, oval-shaped tag rests on the front of the necklace. The tag is inscribed, “Please return to Tiffany & Co. New ...

Necklace turns heartbreak into hope on “Easy”
Necklace, a.k.a. Danish musician Niklas Grool, makes everything sound so simple. "When your heart is open you'll meet someone that knows what you want," he sings over "Easy"'s beat, a radiant thing reminiscent of Yung Lean if he spent more time in the ...

Carter Capps made a necklace out of his own rib bone following thoracic outlet surgery
The next time Carter Capps takes his distinctive leap from the mound, there will be something missing from the reliever's bod: Namely, his rib bone that was removed during thoracic outlet surgery. However, just because it won't be inside his body, it doesn ...

Shopper finds necklace containing a child's ashes at Hanford flea market
A Farmersville woman bought a silver necklace from Alma's Flea Market in Hanford with no idea it contained someone's ashes. Once she realized what the necklace represented, Rosi Mendoza took to Facebook to try to find the family who may have lost it.