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News for New York Giants

Giants' Buster Posey misses first workout, but could join team shortly
The Giants' new normal requires transparency, because otherwise the media and fans will all assume the same thing. When Gabe Kapler, giving a Zoom press conference for the first time during Spring ...

Why Giants' Jeff Samardzija believes MLB fans will be allowed at games
Those bullpens include decks that will give fans a great view of not just the action on the field, but the players getting warmed up. It's not expected that fans will get to try those decks out this ...

Xavier McKinney finding comfort in New York Giants defense
The Giants also added to their secondary with former Alabama Crimson Tide star Xavier McKinney. The versatile safety fell to the Giants in the second round after generating first-round interest prior ...

Believe it or not, Giants’ offensive line was actually quite good in 1 surprising aspect in 2019
For as much as the Giants' offensive line has been criticized, QB Daniel Jones could have a key advantage from playing behind them in 2020.

Patriots fan who stole 27 of Giants' Super Bowl XLII rings: 'They don't deserve them'
Back in 2008 the New York Giants stunned the New England Patriots, beating them 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII to ruin the Pats' attempt at a perfect season. It was the first of a pair of heartbreaking ...

San Francisco Giants return with first day of summer camp workouts
As the Giants returned to team workouts, pitcher Jeff Samardzija shared some strong thoughts on the idea of having fans in attendance at this season's games.

Redrafting Giants drafts from last 10 years: Aaron Donald over Odell Beckham, no Saquon Barkley in 2018 and other surprises
The New York Giants could've drafted players like DeAndre Hopkins, Aaron Donald, T.J. Watt and Quenton Nelson over the last 10 years instead of who they did draft.

Giants' Jeff Samardzija: MLB Owners Not Afraid to Put People at Risk for Money
San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija took a shot at MLB owners Friday when asked about the possibility of playing games this season without fans in ...

Giants name Hannah Burnett as team's first female full-time scout
Hannah Burnett, who spent the last 19 months in the Falcons scouting department, was hired as the first female scout in the Giants' organization.

State of the Giants: Lowered Expectations, but Certainly Reachable
There's nowhere to go but up for the Giants, according to NFL.com analyst Adam Rank's state of the franchise. But that doesn't mean there aren't some questions that need to be addressed.

Seahawks 2020 Opponent Breakdown: Giants
A new coach in Joe Judge has arrived in New York along with several exciting new young players, providing a sense of optimism for a Giants squad hoping to surprise in the wide-open NFC East in 2020 ...

Giants Super Bowl ring heist was led by angry Patriots fan
What a sore loser. A career criminal who pulled off a 2008 heist at a Massachusetts jeweler — in which dozens of New York Giants Super Bowl rings were stolen — was out for more than a buck. Sean ...