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Newborn daughter's name honors dad killed in Afghanistan withdrawal
A baby girl born to a widow of the recent Afghanistan bombings bears the name of her late father. The family of fallen Marine Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum announced that his daughter was born on Sept. 13 ...

Unvaccinated pregnant mother and her husband die of COVID-19, leaving four children and one newborn
A Yucaipa, California couple – a nurse and a middle school teacher – died of COVID-19, leaving behind five children, including a newborn baby the couple did not get the chance of naming.

California couple dies from COVID-19 complications, leaving behind newborn and 4 other kids
Daniel and Davy Macias, a California married couple, were hospitalized with COVID-19 just days apart last month after returning home from a vacation and tragically died in recent weeks from ...

Calif. Dad Dies of COVID 2 Weeks After Wife's Death, Leaving Behind 5 Kids Including Newborn
RELATED: Unvaccinated Nurse & 'Amazing' Mom of 5 Dies of COVID After Giving Birth to Baby While Intubated. Davy was seven months pregnant when she was hospitalized with ...

California father of 5 children, including a newborn, dies of COVID weeks after wife lost her life to the disease
The husband of a Southern California nurse who died of complications from COVID-19 more than two weeks ago has now died after battling the disease himself, leaving behind five young children including ...

Unvaxxed parents die of COVID-19, orphaning 5 including newborn
An unvaccinated California couple have died from COVID-19 complications weeks apart, leaving five young children to be raised by their grandmother.

A California couple died of Covid-19 weeks apart, orphaning 5 young children including a newborn
Davy Macias, a Southern California labor and delivery nurse, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child in early August when she was hospitalized with Covid-19. Daniel Macias also contracted the ...

Afghan family arrives in Houston with newborn as questions loom about access to benefits
Safia held close her newborn baby girl, swaddled in a pink blanket, as she and her husband walked into their new apartment in Houston after a month-long journey from Afghanistan. The family came ...

California couple die of covid, leaving five kids behind. Their newborn is 3 weeks old.
According to Davy’s sister-in-law, Terri Serey, Daniel waited to name the baby girl because he believed he and his wife would walk out of the hospital alive to introduce the newborn to their four ...

California couple die of Covid and leave behind 5 kids, including newborn daughter
They were the kindest, most amazing people. They were the ones who got everyone together — for every birthday, every holiday,” one family member said.

California couple die weeks apart from Covid, leaving behind five children, including newborn
A week after giving birth, Davy Macias, 37, died of Covid-19 complications. Nearly two weeks later, her husband Daniel Macias, 39, also died of Covid, leaving behind their five children. KNBC's Tony ...