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News for Newborn

With newborn at home, Byron Buxton returns to Twins fully healthy
It’s been pretty weird,” he said. “Obviously, having a newborn and having to leave isn’t the ideal situation, but it is what it is. I just got here so it’s still warming up to things a little ...

Mom, Newborn Baby With COVID-19 Wait 3 Months To Meet
Weeks of rehabilitation followed, so she could relearn things like walking and talking. Her newborn daughter, Maria Elena, spent about a month in the hospital. Today, mom and baby are home together, ...

WATCH: Deputies break into car after Deltona man leaves newborn locked inside
A 31-year-old Deltona man is facing more than 10 charges after Volusia County deputies said he left a baby, just weeks old, in a running car.

Dads Finally Meet Their Newborn After COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Keep Them Continents Apart
Joan Fígols and his husband Alex Fernández were in Spain when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing them to miss the birth of their son in Idaho ...

Unstoppable newborn poses with IUD that failed his mom
At the Hai Phong International Hospital last month, a newborn was delivered despite the intrauterine device his mother used in order to prevent pregnancy. On July 1, an English-language Vietnamese ...

Canucks captain Horvat forced to leave wife, newborn at home ahead of Cup chase
Canucks captain Bo Horvat returned to Vancouver Sunday, a week after his wife Holly gave birth to the couple’s first child. He is preparing for the team's training camp to open Monday while his family ...

Newborn camels make every day hump day at Camel Safari — VIDEO, PHOTOS
Camel Safari is reopening Aug. 1, said Guy Seeklus, who owns the 176-acre attraction an hour north of Las Vegas.

Detroit nonprofit helps care for low-income mothers with newborn babies
Action News Reporter Andrea Isom spent some time in Detroit with a woman who spends her time helping women become Super-Moms! “Every mother, no matter what you see and no matter what you think, every ...

Usain Bolt Intros Newborn Daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt, To The World With Adorable Photoshoot
Eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt has collected many accolades in his career, but his latest contribution to the world has fans sending him heartfelt congratulations. Introducing his first ...

EXCLUSIVE: Why Rachel Bloom Might Not Tell Her Newborn Daughter She’s in Trolls World Tour
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom has had a crazy year — and she wouldn’t change a thing. Smash hit kids movie Trolls World Tour, in which Bloom stars alongside Kelly Clar ...

Usain Bolt Shares First Photos Of Newborn Daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt
Usain Bolt shared the first photos of his super aptly-named newborn daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt, on the child mother Kasi Bennett's birthday. Usain Bolt is celebrating his girlfriend Kasi Bennett ...

Usain Bolt Shares Photo of Newborn Daughter Olympia Lightning on Twitter
Eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt shared a photo of his daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt, who was born in May: Bolt announced in January that he and girlfriend Kasi Bennett were expecting ...