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Channeling conspiracy theory, congressman says Las Vegas attack linked to ‘possible terrorist nexus’
credible evidence of a possible terrorist nexus,” Perry answered ... Wayne Allyn Root (@RealWayneRoot) October 2, 2017 On Oct. 4, Laura Loomer made an appearance on Alex Jones’s Info Wars to lay out her own theories. “There are a lot of things ...

Republican congressman says Las Vegas attack linked to 'possible terrorist nexus' but won't elaborate 'credible evidence'
“I’m just telling you, I have received what I feel to be . . . credible evidence of a possible terrorist nexus,” Perry answered ... coordinated Muslim terrorist attack.” On October 4, Laura Loomer made an appearance on Alex Jones’ Info ...

Nexus buys Wallbrook gold project
Saracen will subscribe for 3.8 million Nexus shares at 8.4 cents a share, strengthening the existing relationship. Nexus will accelerate exploration across the 58km2 WGP tenement package. In Australia's fourth record year of car sales in just five years ...

4 Ways Google's Android Beats Samsung's Android and 3 Ways It Doesn't
Having a clean, stock version of Android was always one of the main selling points of Google’s Nexus devices, but with the Pixel series, Google is pushing this further—adding more exclusive tweaks and extras on top of the “stock” version that every ...

Nexus Infrastructure Profit Falls Amid Listing Costs As Orders Grow
At the end of December, the order book had risen a further 5% to GBP213.0 million. Nexus proposed a 4.2 pence final dividend. For the full year, Nexus delivered a 6.3 pence dividend. This was described as "ahead of expectations" and in line with its ...

Pixel and Nexus devices exhibit lock screen issues after updating to Android 8.1 Oreo, Google working on fix
Some Google Pixel and Nexus device users have reported a new lock screen swiping ... A short swipe up sometimes works but I have to try 3 or 4 times before it recognizes what I am trying to do.” Orrin, a community manager from Google assured that the ...

Dear Customer, Please Call On 1 {{{((([[888-279-0246]])))}}} for AVG ANTIVIRUS (AVG ANTIVIRUS) Product. USA AVG ANTIVIRUS tech support phone number: {{{((([[888-279-0246]])))}}}} US / CANADA AVG ANTIVIRUS (AVG ANTIVIRUS) certified technician or cadre for ...

Politician-contractor nexus pocketing money for roads never built: study
The study "Building Connections: Political Corruption and Road Construction in India", published in Journal of Development Economics, claimed contractors with connections to local MLAs getting the project has increased from 4% to 7%. The results were ...

RAW-NDS nexus undermining Pakistan's stability, Islamabad tells foreign diplomats
The ambassadors and heads of missions were also briefed on how "Indian belligerence and unhelpful posturing is distracting Pakistan's counter-terrorism efforts and how an active RAW-NDS nexus is verifiably working to undermine Pakistan's internal stability."

The government and the stock market are yin and yang
I say "almost" because the nexus is not clear, but the coincidental nature is crystalline ... But as they say, they are not out of the "trade" yet. A whopping $4-trillion-plus balance sheet is to be wound down – i.e., matured or sold off.