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Nike cancels Elite Youth Basketball League season due to pandemic
Nike announced Saturday it has canceled its 2020 Elite Youth Basketball League season because of the coronavirus pandemic. The EYBL is considered the best of the grassroots circuits, featuring ...

College basketball recruiting: Nike cancels Peach Jam, EYBL circuit for remainder of 2020 amid pandemic
The most prominent league for college basketball recruiting will not have a season in 2020. Nike's Elite Youth Basketball League announced Saturday night that its 2020 season is done before it could ...

Macy’s, Nike Among Stores Looted in Downtown Chicago
Brands and retailers — such as Nordstrom, Nike and Reebok — have also spoken up, calling out the injustices faced by African Americans. While the majority of protests have been peaceful, there have ...

Nike EYBL cancels 2020 events
The Nike EYBL, one of the most prominent AAU basketball organizations in the country, announced Saturday that it is cancelling all of its scheduled events for 2020.

Black People Are Not OK: Why Adidas Retweeting Nike Is Long Overdue
It’s been a devastating few weeks for people of color across the United States — and these challenging days were preceded by decades of struggles, oppression and the near-constant stifling of minority ...

Nike Cancels 2020 EYBL High School Events Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
The EYBL is a circuit that features many of the best high school players in the nation. AAU travel teams comprised of players who are 17 years and older compete, and it is conside ...

Nike takes a social stand on race relations: 'Don't turn your back on racism'
As protests continue over George Floyd's death, Nike took to Instagram Friday to post a socially conscious message: "Don't turn your back on racism." ...

Nike releases 'don't do it' ad to combat racism
Nike released an ad via Twitter Friday in an effort to combat racism with the phrase "don't do it." ...

‘For Once, Don’t Do It’: The Powerful Idea Behind Nike’s New Anti-Racism Ad
Amidst escalating racial conflict in the U.S., the athletic apparel brand has an important message it wants everyone to hear. But will people listen?

Better Buy: Nike vs. Starbucks
As companies, Nike and Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) don't compete with each other, but they share some similarities as stock investments. They each command a highly valuable brand and ...

Nike’s anti-racism ad draws praise and criticism, as other brands weigh in on George Floyd's death
Nike's ad addressing the police-involved death of George Floyd, is drawing widespread praise online—including from some competitors—but also some scorn, with some critics accu ...

New Nike ad calls out racism: 'Don't pretend there's not a problem in America'
Nike ad, coming in wake of protests over George Floyd's death, includes message, "Don't think this doesn't affect you." Rival Adidas retweeted.