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News for Northwood

Northwood Consulting, sole agent for UV-C based pathogen prevention products
UK based Health Tech giant Pathogen Prevention Pvt Ltd (PPL) has appointed Northwood Consulting Pvt Ltd – as its sole distributor for a range of UV-C based pathogen prevention products for Sri Lanka ...

Baltimore shopping center near Northwood sells to D.C. investors
Six decades ago, the shopping center was among the first developed in the city. #Baltimore #realestate #commercial #sale #retail #shopping ...

Health care workers welcome Northwood COVID-19 government review
Unifor welcomes the announcement by Nova Scotia's Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey of a review of the ...

Northwood's silk flowers bloom for those who died in COVID-19 outbreak
As life at the Northwood long-term care facility starts to return to normal, people from around the Maritimes are reaching out to the care home to help memorialize the lives lost due to COVID-19.

Premier says findings of Northwood review to be kept secret to protect potential witnesses
Premier Stephen McNeil is refusing to revisit the province’s decision not to publicly release findings from a review into the fatal COVID-19 outbreak at Northwood Manor. On Thursday the McNeil pointed ...

Nova Scotia launches reviews of Northwood COVID-19 outbreak, long-term care system
The Nova Scotia government has announced the details of a review that will look into how and why COVID-19 was able to sweep through the Northwood facility in Halifax, as well as a separate review of ...

Proposed Northwood lawsuit expanded to seek damages from N.S. government
A proposed class-action lawsuit launched earlier this month against a long-term care home in Halifax has now expanded to include claims against Nova Scotia's provincial government.

Northwood University professor loses 15,000 books in Midland-area flood
A day after May 19 flooding wreaked havoc on his home in Midland, Northwood University philosophy professor Glenn Moots returned to find his prized collection of 15,000 books in ruins. All but about ...

Nova Scotia to announce details of coming Northwood COVID-19 review Tuesday
Details about a review of the COVID-19 outbreak at a long-term care home in Halifax are expected to be announced Tuesday.

Nova Scotia review of Northwood COVID-19 outbreak to be completed by September
Nova Scotia’s review of a long-term care home in Halifax that was the epicentre of the province’s COVID-19 outbreak will look to produce recommendations by Sept. 15. Northwood Manor is the largest ...

Province to conduct review of COVID-19 deaths at Northwood nursing home
The Nova Scotia government unveiled details of its review of the COVID-19 death toll at Northwood nursing home. Of the 63 people to have died from the coronavirus in Nova Scotia, 53 of the deaths have ...

Spring wrap-up Q&A: Northwood boys lacrosse coach says best moment was beating No. 1 Dana Hills
Northwood boys lacrosse coach Perry Craz reflects on the memorable moments from the 2020 season that was cut short by the coronavirus crisis.