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News for Nvidia

Micron Technology or NVIDIA: Which One to Buy Right Now?
NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) shares have more than doubled so far in 2020 thanks to strong momentum in the graphics specialist's video gaming and data center businesses, but Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU) has ...

Nvidia Stock Is Still a Screaming-Hot Buy on Any Dip
Nvidia has made a robust move to the upside but it has begun to dip. Don't miss your chance on NVDA stock, a secular winner in tech.

Nvidia to Upgrade Online Store to Stop Bots From Snatching RTX 3080 Cards
This is the first time that we have seen bots at this scale and sophistication,' Nvidia said in an FAQ explaining the launch problems for the RTX 3080 card.

Nvidia’s Stocks May Plunge 12% Following Its Deal For Arm
Nvidia paid the same multiple for Arm Holdings as Softbank four years ago, despite a slowing revenue growth rate.

Nvidia breaks silence on disastrous RTX 3080 launch
After issues with inventory and bots across its own storefront and its third party partners', Nvidia speaks to what went wrong and what they've done to fix it.

NVIDIA Posts Q&A After GeForce RTX 3080 Launch Fiasco, Promises Key Changes To Prevent A Repeat
Overall, NVIDIA says that interest in the GeForce RTX 3080 launch was dramatically higher than its previous launches.

Nvidia publicly apologizes for RTX 3080 launch, promises to ship more cards every week
Nvidia has apologized for the RTX 3080 GPU preorder fiasco, which saw the highly desirable graphics card sold out pretty much everywhere. “We were not prepared for this level, nor were our partners,” ...

Nvidia's Future Looks Bright
Nvidia paid a hefty fee for Arm at roughly 20 times forward sales estimates but Chief Executive Officer of Nvidia, Jensen Huang thinks it will help future developments of the data center business. The ...

Nvidia arms itself to terminate Intel’s processor dominance
Nvidia just announced that it plans to acquire Arm Limited from SoftBank for $40 billion. The combination aims to conquer the enormous compute market that has long been dominated ...

AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT could take on Nvidia RTX 3090 with 16GB of VRAM
The next-generation Radeon RX 6900 XT GPU is rumored to come with 16GB of VRAM, or 60% more memory than the RTX 3080.

Nvidia Apologizes For RTX 3080's Messy Launch
Nvidia has apologized for the epic mess of the Nvidia RTX 3080 launch last week, and in particular, how bots slammed store pages to buy up units before real people could. In a forum post, Nvidia said ...

Nvidia Sorry That Bots Bought A Ton Of RTX 3080s
It wasn’t just PS5 preorders last week that were a disaster, Nvidia’s release of its new RTX 3080 graphics card was also not great, again thanks to the actions of resellers using bots. With fans being ...