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News for Officer

Survivor, Columbus Police Officer Who Saved Her Team Up to Fight Sex Trafficking
Jennifer Bates and Columbus Officer Eric Clouse reunited and now are working together as advocates for other victims.

Florida Teen Carves U.S. Flags to Raise Money for Homeless Veterans
Lakewood Ranch teen Lorenzo Liberti builds wooden American flags to raise money for homeless veterans and celebrate medical heroes.

After Protests Near Her Home, Seattle Police Chief Asks City Leaders for Intervention
Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best holds a news conference in front of the East Precinct on Monday, June 29, 2020 after an early-morning shooting left one person dead and another injured in front of the ...

Suspect Charged in Shootout Outside Chicago Police Station
A parolee accused of opening fire on several Chicago police officers, injuring three, outside of a Northwest Side police station has been charged in the shooting, officials said Friday morning.

Florida Law Enforcement Leaders Defend Use of Military Gear
St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway says that eliminating the 1033 Program entirely could hamper police efforts to protect the public.

Dunkin' Employee Arrested, Fired After Spitting Into Illinois Trooper's Coffee
An Illinois State Police trooper about to enjoy a piping-hot cup of coffee got a nasty surprise – an apparent mucus mega-glob floating on top.

'Back the Blue' Mural Painted in Front of Tampa Police Headquarters to Show Support for Law Enforcement
Kristen Krutz, one of the organizers, helped spearhead the project along with others from Back the Blue Florida, an online community with more than 5,000 members, and said the mural is meant to show ...

Women Charged With Murder in Crash That Killed Michigan State Police Trooper
A woman was charged with second-degree murder in an alleged drunken-driving crash that killed Trooper Caleb Starr.

Massachusetts Firefighters Follow Orders to Remove Thin Blue Line Flags Honoring Fallen Police Officer From Fire Trucks
Hingham firefighters have complied with an order to remove "thin blue line" flags from the town's fire trucks.

More Details Released in Shooting That Wounded Three Chicago Police Officers
Three Chicago police officers and a suspect in a carjacking were injured in an exchange of gunfire outside a Northwest Side police station Thursday morning, apparently after the suspect concealed a ...

'Thin Blue Line' Flag That Flew From Massachusetts Fire Trucks to Make Statewide Tour After Being Forced to be Taken Down
The flag which was flown in honor of fallen Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna, will makes its way to different fire departments across the state.

Uber Driver Struck and Killed by Texas Deputy During Pursuit of Teen Suspect
A brief police pursuit ended in tragedy early Sunday when a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy struck and killed a 40-year-old father working his second job as an Uber driver, according to ...