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Panic as military launches operations against oil thieves, suspected militants in Bayelsa
The invasion was suspected to be raids on camps of suspected oil thieves and some Militants ... military occupation of the area thereby causing panic and desertion by indigenes over fear of ...

Biden’s begging oil companies to produce — while wanting to bankrupt them
Biden’s saying he’ll practically call in the army and Marines and invade the executive offices of “Big Oil” if they don’t start producing more oil and gas.

Panic Over Gasoline Prices Only Serves Putin
Adaptability needs to be the rediscovered strength of the West’s market economies.

Oil prices skid as Biden pushes for U.S. fuel cost cuts
Oil prices dived more than $4 a barrel on Wednesday amid a push by U.S. President Joe Biden to bring down soaring fuel costs, including pressure on the country's major energy firms to help ease the ...

Soaring fuel prices in 2000 led to queues at pumps and panic buying
Soaring fuel prices are currently caused anxiety for drivers up and down the country - but just over 20 years ago, the same phenomenon led to protests which saw massive queues at fuel pumps, thousands ...

Military raids ‘oil thieves, militants’ hideouts in Bayelsa
Troops of the Nigerian Army stationed in Bayelsa State have raided the camps of suspected oil thieves and militants at Igbomotoru and Azuzuama communities of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.

Panic sets in after months of high prices: ‘How high is it going to go?’
Record-high gasoline prices, coupled with rapidly rising costs for food and other goods, have begun to cripple individuals and families at the lower end of the income scale, sending them in droves to ...

Mid-Year Outlook: Policy Panic Again
Federal Reserve wants to hit the brakes, a 180-degree reversal from the recent two-year effort to turbo-stimulate the U.S. economy.

Oil Is in Another Bear Market - and for Good Reason
West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures fell below $102 a barrel Wednesday, which represents a 22% drop over the past two weeks and meeting the technical definition of a bear ma ...

Ukraine news – Panic as Russian missiles pass CRITICALLY close to nuclear power plant, as Putin’s ‘grave health worsens’
VLADIMIR PUTIN has been accused of “nuclear terrorism” by leading Ukrainian officials after Russian missiles passed “critically” close to a nuclear power station.

Santoli: Investors’ worries migrate from inflation panic to fears over U.S. growth risk
This is the daily notebook of Mike Santoli, CNBC’s senior markets commentator, with ideas about trends, stocks and market statistics.

Bayelsa: Panic as military launches operations against oil thieves, suspected militants
There is palpable tension in Igbematoru and Azuzuama communities of Southern Ijaw Local Government area of the state, following the ...