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News for Orange

Orange County may close bars ahead of July 4th weekend, OC supervisor says
If it’s carried out, the move would follow state-ordered bar shut-downs in Los Angeles and six other counties and voluntary closures by Riverside and San Diego counties.

Missing college football? Revisit classic Orange Bowls with Thursday binge of throwback games
From Tom Brady’s final outing with the Michigan Wolverines to multiple record-setting performances, the Orange Bowl has historically been home to some of the premier games for the college football ...

Orange coronavirus hospitalizations rise again, but Demings sees ‘encouraging’ signs
Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases reported on Tuesday was a good sign, but noted the number of people sick enough to require a hospital bed will ...

Orange County Reports Record 779 New COVID-19 Cases; Officials Consider Shutting Down Bars
Orange County reported 779 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, the highest number of infections the county has reported to date.

Editorial: Renaming John Wayne Airport can help Orange County confront its racist past
Orange County should rename the airport. The actor believed in white supremacy. But more important, this can help the county reckon with its fraught past.

Orange County cities plan some coronavirus-conscious Fourth of July celebrations
Fireworks to be watched from home or the car, patriotic decorating contests are some of the activities being tried.

Orange Wine Producer In Israel Focuses On Full Expression Of Grape
Ya'acov Oryah makes a handful of small production skin macerated whites that through skin maceration under modern winemaking practices he gives “the full expression of the white grape from Alpha to ...

Who is dying of Covid-19 in Orange County? Breakdown by ethnicity, preexisting conditions
Here are the most common underlying health conditions contributing to #Covid19 deaths in Orange County. How are you keeping your workforce safe? #Orlando #Florida #coronavirus @OrangeCoFL ...

Orange County Reports Record 779 New Cases of Coronavirus
Orange County set another daily record for coronavirus cases Tuesday announcing 779 infections, along with three additional deaths. The fatalities reported Tuesday bring the number to 10 so far this ...

Orange Is the New Black 's Taylor Schilling Confirms She's Dating Emily Ritz
Taylor Schilling has a special person in her life. Amid Pride Month, the actress of Orange Is the New Black fame confirmed to fans that she's in a relationship with musician and visual artist Emily ...

Answer Man: What are the orange strips placed on Battlefield Road? What's their purpose?
The Answer Man was working on the answer when he realized the same type of strips were on Chestnut Expressway, just outside News-Leader building.

Boys & Girls Clubs In Orange County Do “Whatever It Takes” To Build Great Futures Amidst COVID-19
For more than 150 years, Boys & Girls Clubs across America have helped put young people on the path to great futures by creating safe.