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News for Orange

Orange Is the New Orange: Trump Just Might Go to Jail
Beast/GettyFor years, he’s gotten away with it. He lied. He cheated. He treated the government like a get-rich-quick-scheme and his most ardent followers like marks.But now, Donald Trump could be ...

Orange proposes parks, neighborhood centers as possible ‘satellite’ FEMA vaccine sites
Orange County has submitted a list of 9 spots for consideration for “satellite” vaccination sites through a federal effort already bringing a mass vaccine site to Valencia College’s Kirkman Road ...

Orange County initiative aims to create local economy less dependent on tourism
The Orange County Commission has approved an almost $2 million dollar funding imitative that aims to create a road map toward a local economy less dependent on tourism.

Shooting in Orange neighborhood sends two teens to the hospital
Orange Police are reaching out to the public and asking anyone with information to call the department at (409)-883 1026.

75% of teachers surveyed in Orange County believe district isn't transparent with COVID-19 reporting
Teachers are feeling a lot of stress and anxiety and really aren't feeling safe in school,” Wendy Doromal, president of the Orange County teacher's union said.

Los Angeles Mission honors Orange County teen who created portable ‘Homes2Go”
The cart that he conceived and built is portable with a folding cot for sleeping, a bucket as a latrine, a small table for eating and storage areas. He made sure to take someone’s privacy ...

Orange Blossom Family Health CEO: It's been 'a struggle' to handle patient uptick during pandemic
Job losses and demand for #Covid tests and vaccines have swamped #Orlando's reduced-rate clinic #OrangeBlossomFamilyHealth. How has the #pandemic affected your #healthcare? @OrangeBlossomFamilyHealth ...

High school football can begin in Orange County after clearing COVID-19 threshold
The county’s COVID-19 case rate fell below 14 per 100,000, which gives Season 1 sports football and water polo the green light to begin their seasons.

VA secretary promises ‘urgency’ in implementing new Agent Orange presumptive benefits rules
Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough on Tuesday promised an “urgent” review of new rules regarding presumptive benefits status for Vietnam veterans suffering from serious illnesses related to ...

Youth sports to resume outdoors in Orange County on Friday, officials say
New state guidelines clear the way for high-contact sports such as football, field hockey, rugby and water polo to resume ...

ONCE ON THIS ISLAND to Be Released on Limited Edition Orange Vinyl
This limited-edition vinyl set of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND includes a special album insert with photos from the Broadway production and full billing, plus a gatefold cover, complete with show artwork, ...

Outdoor high school sports cleared to begin in Los Angeles, Orange counties
Positive coronavirus tests dip below the threshold to allow outdoor high school sports competition in Los Angeles and Orange counties.