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News for Orange

Orange County coronavirus cases rise to 882, deaths remain at 14
SANTA ANA — Orange County’s COVID-19 cases increased from 834 on Sunday to 882 Monday, with the death toll remaining unchanged at 14. The number of hospitalized patients decreased from 137 to 130, but ...

A Clockwork Orange And 8 Other Movies With Terrifying Eye Scenes
I can't be the only one freaked out by scenes in movies that involve eyes, so I guess you all will be going on this journey to overcome our fear of others touching our eyes by looking at some of the ...

Should the Browns sign Jadeveon Clowney? Orange and Brown Talk podcast
Clowney is a former No. 1 overall pick who was traded from Houston to Seattle prior to the 2019 season. Mary Kay Cabot, Dan Labbe and Ellis Williams talked about Clowney in our Monday edition of the ...

Player Message: Orange Lutheran softball’s Lexi Lacy says ‘nothing should stop your dreams’
Editor’s note: OCVarsity is publishing messages and memories from Orange County coaches, athletes and others who have been affected by the coronavirus crisis. Details about this project can be found ...

Orange County response to census higher than state average, but 3 other counties lagging
Orange County residents appear more eager than their neighbors to be counted in the 2020 Census, early data suggests. As of April 4, more than half of O.C. households — 50.4 percent —  had ...

Coronavirus: Orange Park, Memorial hospitals plan ‘pandemic pay’ for employees
Orange Park Medical Center and Memorial Hospital — like other hospitals nationwide — have experienced a significant decrease in the number of elective, non-essential surgeries as well as other ...

3 sought after man’s remains found in suitcase in Orange County
Orlando police are searching for three people they’ve identified as persons of interest after a man’s remains were found inside a suitcase in east Orange County.

Coronavirus damages to Orange County tourism tax will likely exceed post 9/11, officials warn
Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond painted a bleak picture Monday of the affect the coronavirus pandemic will have on the county’s tourism tax dollars following the closure of theme parks, saying ...

Third Orange County coronavirus testing site set to open Monday
A third testing site in Orange County is set to open Monday on the campus of the University of Central Florida.

WATCH LIVE: Orange County leaders provide coronavirus response update
Two Orange County correctional officers are recovering after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, according to officials.

Orange County's Elderly Seek Connections Amid Coronavirus
Many of the neediest residents in Orange County are the elderly. This week, we look into how they are coping, what they need, & how to help.

Atkins Cos. sells West Orange medical office to private buyer
Atkins Cos. on Monday announced it sold Atkins Medical Plaza, a 38,500-square-foot medical office building in West Orange that it owned for 20 years. The private buyer was represented by Marcus & ...