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News for Pa System

Pa. state university system ready to sell its Harrisburg headquarters
Look for a “For Sale” sign soon to appear on the Harrisburg riverfront property that has served as headquarters for Pennsylvania’s state university system for the past 28 years. The Pennsylvania State ...

PA Systems Market Size 2020 Global Industry Current Trends, Top Companies, Application, Growth Factors, Development and Forecast to 2026
Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry." Global “PA Systems Market” report ...

Pennsylvania high court rejects lawsuit challenging mail-in ballot system
Pennsylvania’s highest court on Saturday night threw out a lower court’s order preventing the state from certifying dozens of contests ...

Jacobs To Acquire Majority Stake in PA Consulting
PRNewswire/ -- Jacobs (NYSE:J) and PA Consulting, a leading innovation and transformation consulting firm, announced today that they will form a strategic partnership in which Jacobs will acquire a 65 ...

Black Friday Week Deal: Save $200 on Mackie SRM-Flex Portable PA System
Flex Portable Column PA System with this amazing Black Friday deal. The sale price is just $799, making this price break the best discount on this sweet-sounding speaker system since it was first ...

Pennsylvania expands virus app to school-age phone users
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s two-month-old coronavirus exposure notification app can now be used by mobile phone users as young as 13 as health officials work to stop the virus' spread in ...

PA Counties Reported No Major Issues With Dominion Voting Machine
Experts and officials acknowledge the systems aren't always glitch-free, but say issues are caught thanks to Dominion's paper trail.

COVID In Philadelphia: Main Line Health Postpones Elective Surgeries To Make More Beds Available As Hospitalizations Rise Across State
Hospitals are filling up again and there are staffing issues because so many health care workers are being exposed in the community.

Pa. lawmakers criticizing Dominion Voting Systems after it backs out of hearing
Pennsylvania Representative Seth Grove did not mince words in Harrisburg Friday after a roundtable discussion with Dominion Voting Systems was canceled overnight. Dominion says it is under litigation ...

Pa. Nurse Says Flagging Bad Circumcisions Led To Firing
A former nurse at an Allegheny Health System hospital filed suit in Pennsylvania federal court on Monday alleging that she was wrongfully fired after raising safety concerns over patient care in the ...

COVID vaccine won't be mandatory for Pa. schoolchildren, says secretary of health
Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health says that once coronavirus vaccines become available, they will be optional in the state’s K-12 public schools.

COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Wolf Administration Using National Alert System To Send Coronavirus Notifications To Phones
The Wolf administration is using the national Wireless Emergency Alert system to send coronavirus alerts to people's phones.