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News for Packers

Packers Extend Alexander for Playmaking, Leadership
The Green Bay Packers on Wednesday announced they have signed cornerback Jaire Alexander to a contract extension. Terms were not mentioned by the team but the deal, which was reached on Sunday and ...

Inside? Outside? With Jaire Alexander leading the way, Packers have options for deploying cadre of cornerbacks
Defensive backs coach/defensive passing-game coordinator Jerry Gray has been cross-training players at all positions during classroom sessions this offseason and will continue to do so once on-field ...

In first-round pick Devonte Wyatt, Packers DL coach gets exactly what he asked for
Packers DL coach Jerry Montgomery wanted a twitchy interior pass-rusher. GM Brian Gutekunst got him Devonte Wyatt. Order delivered.

How the Packers' defense could get Green Bay to Super Bowl LVII
The Packers have methodically built a new defense over the last few years. Now is the time when it might all come together — perhaps with a Super Bowl berth.

5 positions where Packers could still make a veteran addition after 2022 draft
Breaking down the positions where Packers GM Brian Gutekunst could make a veteran addition following the 2022 NFL draft.

Packers Rookies Who Will Make Instant Impact in 2022 Season
The Green Bay Packers are putting a lot of expectations on their 2022 NFL draft class. After trading away Davante Adams for a first- and a second-round draft pick, the pressure is on for this class to ...

Packers sign long snapper Jack Coco, waive Jahmir Johnson
The Packers signed long snapper Jack Coco on Wednesday, the team announced.They waived undrafted rookie offensive tackle Jahmir Johnson in a corresponding move. Coco is an undrafted rookie out of ...

Packers announce Jaire Alexander extension
The Packers have made it official.Green Bay announced that the team has signed cornerback Jaire Alexander to a contract extension.“We are very excited to be able to come to an agreement that keeps ...

Of PFN’s Top 32 Receivers, How Many Will Face Packers?
"You can't have enough corners," defensive coordinator Joe Barry said on Tuesday. They'll need them all this season.

Jim McMahon says he 'owned' the Packers during his run as the Bears' starting QB
Jim McMahon won't deny that Aaron Rodgers' owns the Bears, the team that McMahon led to a Super Bowl win in 1985. Rodgers famously proclaimed that he owns Green Bay's longtime riv ...

Why McMahon wore Bears jersey to Packers White House visit
The punky QB went with orange and blue, instead of green and gold, on his Super Bowl winners' trip to meet the President with Green Bay.

Cowboys, Patriots most expensive tickets on Packers schedule according to our survey of ticket resale sites
Green Bay Packers fans eagerly anticipate hosting the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field in November. That makes sense. Why they are so excited about New England coming to town is less obvious. Early ...