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News for Paint

The Flaw in Trump’s Plan to Paint Biden As Kamala Harris’s Puppet
Even as he casts Biden as a tool of left-wing extremists, Trump compulsively portrays himself as a tool of right-wing ones.

Paint thinner and other flammable material may have ignited devastating Beirut explosion
Cans of paint thinner and other combustible material may have been stored alongside highly explosive ammonium nitrate in a Beirut warehouse and then caught fire, igniting the blast that devastated the ...

Cleveland City Council approves $5M to help landlords tackle lead paint problems in dwellings
CHN Executive Director Kevin Nowak said 60% of the landlords in Cleveland are small “mom and pop” operations that each have just a handful of properties. Getting financial assistance on their own from ...

President Trump tries to paint Kamala Harris as both too liberal and too moderate
Kamala Harris ticket as both radical socialists and insufficiently liberal. WASHINGTON — An overzealous prosecutor trying to hide her crime-fighting past — who is also weak on crime. The most radical ...

Gerbils get the house squeaky clean as they vacuum, pour tea and paint in sweet snaps
HERE’S one way of getting your house squeaky clean. A group of gerbils mop, vacuum and paint. They are even seen pouring tea, working at a desk and with a wheelbarrow. Snapper Bailey Thompson ...

NYC schools tested positive for lead paint nearly 50K times in 5 years
Safety inspectors discovered dangerous lead paint in city classrooms more than 38,000 times during the past five years — with almost half the findings in rooms that housed highly vulnerable kids ...

Trump Campaign Playbook: Paint Kamala as ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Power-Hungry’
Trump campaign officials said they expect to be called sexist, so they are embracing attacks painting Harris as “power hungry” and overly “ambitious.” ...

Paint me up before you go-go: London borough to get George Michael mural
Turn a different corner in the London borough of Brent from September and you’ll be confronted with the strangest thing: a nine-metre mural of local hero George Michael. No this isn’t just a careless ...

2021 Toyota Sequoia adds Nightshade Edition, Lunar Rock paint finish
The Toyota Sequoia SUV will join other models in the company's lineup that are offered in a Nightshade Edition for the 2021 model year, giving potential buyers another option to pick from as Toyota's ...

4 More Arrested After Tampa Streets Defaced With Spray Paint
On Tuesday just before 11 p.m., officers said they saw four people spray painting graffiti on Madison Street at the intersection of Franklin Street. Additional units responded and police said they ...

Paint Scheme Preview: Daytona Road Course 2020
See the paint schemes NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series drivers will race at the Daytona Road Course.