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The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Paint Projects
In many ways, painting is an inherently eco-friendly activity. When you paint something-whether that is a room or a secondhand dining table-you are making it new and extending its life. However, there ...

4 Paint-Free Ways to Give Your Living Room a Dark and Moody Vibe
No matter what your interior inspiration is, a fresh dose of color is the most effective way to transform a room and solidify your style. If you’re renting, though, you might not be able to use paint ...

Cicada splatters on cars are a sticky mess, and can damage paint
And in some cases, a vehicle’s clear coat or paint can be damaged. Fortunately, a recent rainstorm has washed off many of the squished cicada body parts from our cars, but the sunbaked splatters ...

Paint just got a lot more expensive
Add paint to the growing list of things that are getting more expensive.Sherwin-Williams announced Tuesday that "demand remains strong" for its paint and other products, forcing the retailer to hike ...

Columbus artists paint murals on Sullivant Avenue ahead of infrastructure project
A $10 million infrastructure project underway includes "Sullivant Bright," a public art project replete with pavement murals and poems on sidewalks.

Where to paint with goats, seals, sea lions, whales, penguins and dogs in Connecticut
In Connecticut, you can actually register to paint with wildlife, then keep the masterpieces you make with animals like goats, seals, sea lions and even penguins. Sure, you could attend a ...

Should You Paint Your House Black? A Trendy Debate
Black home exteriors increasingly punctuate hip neighborhoods and green landscapes, but design experts are split when it comes to noir facades.

Photo | ‘Paint angel’ spruces up pavilion
Midday sunlight shines through the opening at the top of a pavilion at Anna Jean Cummings Park in Soquel as a community member, who prefers to remain anonymous and be called a ‘Paint Angel,’ ...

Community invited to paint mini canvases for mosaic at Lakeshore Art Festival
The Lakeshore Art Festival will assemble hundreds of mini canvases created by the community for a public art project. The collaborative mosaic is this year’s interactive art initiative hosted by the ...

Rocket Report: Vandals spray-paint Buran; China to launch first crew in 4 years
Welcome to Edition 4.02 of the Rocket Report! This week there's news about the space race between two rocket billionaires, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, and still more news about Branson's other ...

Watch the solar eclipse paint the sky red
Rough Cuts Watch the solar eclipse paint the sky red. Posted . Several countries got to experience a celestial phenomenon on Thursday (June 10) as they witnessed a solar eclipse l ...

Dale Jr. Beats Jeff Gordon in Paint Scheme Contest
NASCAR fans have decided that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a better race car artist than Jeff Gordon. That’s essentially what was determined when the two Cup Series legends faced off in a contest to design ...