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News for Pakistan

Social Distancing Is A Distant Dream In Pakistan's Urban Slums
Urban planning activists like Professor Nausheen H. Anwar, believes that city slum dwellers in Pakistan and across developing countries may emerge as one of the most vulnerable populations to the ...

Pakistan: Police baton-charged doctors who were demanding protective gear to fight coronavirus
In a shocking development, Pakistan cops baton-charged medical personnel as hundreds protested over lack of gear to protect against coronavirus. In the southwestern city of Quetta, the riot police's ...

Pakistan arrests doctors protesting over lack of virus safety equipment
Fifty-three medical workers held after police break up demonstration in Quetta ...

Pakistan Police Clash With Doctors Protesting Lack of Virus Protection Gear
Riot police wielding batons used force to break up a protest by Pakistani doctors and medical staff against a lack of gear to protect against coronavirus, arresting dozens of medics who say the ...

Made in Pakistan food packets, military equipment recovered from hideout of 5 killed terrorists
During the search, made in Pakistan food packets, clothing, and military equipment were recovered by the Indian Army from the hideout of the five terrorists.

COVID-19 Diaries: Playing Real Life Pac-Man in Pakistan
Extended families, often with aunts, uncles, grandparents all living together, is the norm in this region. A man sits with his grandchildren as he feeds chickens on the roof of his house during a ...

Asia virus latest: Australia sends away ships, Pakistan hunts worshippers
The largest maritime operation ever undertaken in Sydney Harbour was completed on Sunday with the successful restocking and refuelling of five cruise ships, Australian police said. It was part of gove ...

Meet Pakistan’s First Dirty Comic Drag Queen
A spider climbed out the other day, crying out of all its 19 eyes, and asked me, ‘Why?'” In conservative Pakistan, neither drag nor dirty comedy is common, and Chatni is the first person to combine ...

20,000 worshippers quarantined in Pakistan after major search
Pakistan has quarantined 20,000 worshippers and is still searching for tens of thousands more who attended an Islamic gathering in Lahore last month despite the worsening coronavirus pandemic, ...

The Latest: Pakistan Receives $200 Million From World Bank
The World Bank has given Pakistan $200 million in aid to help the most vulnerable as the country deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

Did Pakistan Win the Afghanistan War?
Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, center, who served as ambassador to Pakistan during the Taliban’s rule speaks to the media in Doha, Qatar, Feb. 29, 2020. Islamabad is almost as invested in ...

Mosques stay open in Pakistan even as virus cases rise
The Associated Press Mosques were allowed to remain open in Pakistan on Friday — the important Muslim sabbath when adherents gather for weekly prayers — even as the pandemic spread and much of the ...