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News for Pakistan

Outcry in Pakistan over beheading of former ambassador’s daughter
Police arrested an acquaintance of the victim at the site of the attack, and later his mother and father on charges of trying to hide evidence.

West Indies ready for Pakistan T20 test
Two supremely-talented teams collide in a four-match T20 International series with the West Indies and Pakistan starting on Wednesday at Kensington Oval in Barbados before the contest shifts to ...

Bodies of three missing climbers spotted on Pakistan's K2
The bodies of three mountaineers who died during a winter expedition on Pakistan's K2 have been found months after they went missing while scaling the world's second-highest peak, officials said ...

Saudi-Pakistan in ‘clear alignment’ on bilateral, regional issues
Economy, regional security and issues faced by Pakistani diaspora were on agenda in talks between the two officials.

Afghan soldiers flee attack, cross border: Pakistan army
Army statement says 46 members of Afghan forces, including five officers, cross border near Pakistani town of Chitral.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to Work on Easing Travel Restrictions
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on Tuesday discussed how to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions, which have stranded around 400,000 Pakistani workers back home, foreign ministers of the two countries told ...

Pakistan Repatriates Afghan Soldiers Who Crossed Border in Face of Taliban Attack
Pakistan said Monday it "amicably" repatriated dozens of Afghan soldiers and police personnel to authorities in Afghanistan a day after they had crossed the border, apparently fleeing advances by ...

Pakistan reopens Afghanistan border crossing held by Taliban
Pakistan on Monday reopened a major southwestern border crossing with Afghanistan that is currently under Taliban control on the Afghan side, Pakistani customs officials said, allowing over 100 trucks ...

Windies ready for Pakistan T20 test in Barbados
Two supremely-talented teams collide in a four-match T20 International series with the West Indies and Pakistan starting Wednesday at Kensington Oval in Barbados before the contest shifts to ...

Why a Taliban victory may not be everything Pakistan wished for
Pakistan’s heavy investment in the Taliban helped lead them toward a sweeping victory in Afghanistan. Why that’s giving Pakistan second thoughts.

Afghan Forces Seek Refuge in Pakistan After Fleeing Taliban Attack
Pakistan said Monday dozens of Afghan border forces, including several officers, took refuge on the Pakistani side after being unable to hold their military posts apparently in the wake of advances by ...

Pakistan round-up: TikTok banned again, Afghanistan recalls diplomats & more
Afghanistan withdraws diplomats from Pakistan following abduction of ambassador's daughter, Chinese firm to launch 5G phones and other news.