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News for Pandora Charms

Pandora Set to Raise Share Buybacks as Dividends Take Back Seat
Chief Financial Officer Peter Vekslund and Chairman Peder Tuborgh on Tuesday said the jewelry maker is reviewing the split between the two kinds of shareholder payouts. They said more details will follow in connection with Pandora’s fourth-quarter ...

Scott Burger, the man who helped bring Pandora HQ to city, leaving company
Scott Burger will step down as president of Pandora Americas in February. The Danish charm maker announced Jan. 11 that Burger has decided to leave "to dedicate himself to new endeavors." Burger spent 10 years with Pandora and played a major role in the ...

It's not the crown jewels! Pandora's regal £565 charm sells out as royal fever sweeps the UK - despite being the brands most expensive EVER
With a royal wedding imminent, a new Prince or Princess on the way and The Crown ruling Netflix, it's no wonder that there's a flurry of interest in all things regal - and it seems some royal fans are prepared to splash out to show their devotion.

Jeweller Pandora to double product launches to regain lost charm
COPENHAGEN, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Jewellery maker Pandora , known for its silver charm bracelets, plans to double new product launches by 2022 to rectify a recent lack of innovation and weak growth in key markets, its chief executive told investors on Tuesday.

Pandora soars as CEO reassures owners the worst is behind them
Shares in Pandora recouped much of last week's sudden loss as management spends the day trying to reassure investors that 2018 will mark a turning point in the troubled jewelry-maker's prospects. Chief Executive Officer Anders Colding Friis and the ...

Pandora finally feels some investor love after annus horribilis
a Carnegie analyst who last year suggested the Danish jewelry maker was becoming “uninvestable” even referred to one presentation during Tuesday’s capital markets day as “an inspiration.” Per Hansen, an analyst at Nordnet, said “Pandora is ...

PANDORA have been keeping this gorgeous charm from their customers.
Pandora, while they stock a huge range of stunning necklaces, rings, earrings and so forth, are most popular for their infamous bracelets. In particular, their charm bracelets. Whether you've been building on yours for years or have recently become a ...

After hedge-fund bonanza, Pandora CEO sets more ‘realistic’ goal
Pandora A/S suffered its worst selloff in more than half a decade on Thursday, handing huge profits to the hedge funds that bet against it. Now, the CEO running the beleaguered Danish jewelry maker says management is targeting “realistic” profit goals ...

Pandora Braces for Showdown With Owners After Market Meltdown
Pandora is scheduled to present on the following topics at the capital markets day: The balance of increasing sales significantly in rings, earrings and necklaces while maintaining growth in its core category of charms and bracelets Keeping the ...

Losing its charm? VGI's short pick Pandora faces investor showdown
Pandora is preparing to face shareholders in person just days after a disappointing set of results wiped more than a tenth off the Danish jewellery maker's market value. Chief executive Anders Colding Friis and the departing head of finance, Peter ...