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News for Patek

A Patek Philippe Watch Raises $6.2 Million for Charity
GENEVA — “Last chance — and sold for 6 million 200 thousand,” the auctioneer Rahul Kadakia said as he brought down his hammer on lot 12, a one-of-a-kind Patek Philippe wristwatch. It was the highest bid Saturday at Only Watch, the auction that has ...

Patek Philippe 5170P-001 In Platinum With Diamonds Watch Hands-On
Why, I mean oh why do high-end luxury watches have reflective crystals? That is a question we might never know the definitive answer to, and the Patek Philippe 5170P-001 certainly doesn't help fix the issue; but otherwise it's quite the watch, so let us ...

$6.2M Patek Philippe and 2 More Watches Comprise 4/5th of $10M Christies 'Only Watch 2017' Auction
Yesterday 49 unique watches went up for auction by Christie’s Auction House in Geneva. The watches were part of the only pure-charity watch auction held every other year, called Only Watch, with benefits going to muscular dystrophy. This year, the ...

Patek Philippe's tribute to America takes the art of marquetry to new levels
At Patek Philippe’s sumptuous New York exhibition this summer, which for two weeks took over the grand former home of the Bowery Savings Bank on 42nd Street (now a Cipriani restaurant), the star player was not a wristwatch, nor even one of the ...

You Are There: Only Watch 2017 And Geneva Auction Weekend With Patek Philippe
It seems like only yesterday that I was one of a group of collectors assembled by Patek Philippe for the Only Watch 2015 auction at which a then-record amount was realized for a wristwatch at auction (see You Are There: Attending The Only Watch Auction ...

The Surprising, Record-Breaking Results Of The ONLY WATCH Auction 2017
While all watches did well, some did a bit better than others! The Patek Philippe Ref.5208T-010 ended up being the topic of a bidding war between two Asian bidders and was eventually sold for CHF 6.200.000,-, nearly six time its high estimate.

Tourbillon: A Technical Tour De Force From Breguet, Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, Vacheron Constantin
To create a tourbillon, in the world of haute horology, seems to be a kind of code, a signal that a brand has truly arrived is ready to play with the big dogs. It is a technical tour de force that enhances a watch's precision, but it doesn't quite play the ...

Hands-On with Vintage Highlights from Christie’s Hong Kong Watch Auction
A particular highlight is a single-owner assemblage of interesting, unusual and wonderfully preserved Patek Philippe watches from the second half of the 20th century, several of which are featured below, alongside other vintage picks from the catalogue.

Joe DiMaggio's Patek Philippe Watch Is for Sale
When Patek Philippe presented a temporary exhibition of its iconic watches in New York last summer, one of the highlights was a reference 130 chronograph with Breguet numerals owned by baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. And now the watch is coming up for sale.

One of the World’s Best Watchmakers Made a Secret Wiretapping Device
One of the lots in Antiquorum’s recent watch auction in Geneva was the Patek Philippe ZL 4 N and ZG 4, two desktop modules which the listing describe as “a fine and very rare, electronic wiretapping device and clock used by the Swiss police.”