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News for Pendant

Chiefs’ Darrel Williams is getting an epic Super Bowl champions chain and pendant
The Chiefs should get a look at their Super Bowl championship rings next month, and it will be interesting to see how they compare with running back Darrel Williams’ new chain and pendant. Suny The ...

Meghan Markle Raises $12,000 for Dog Rescue Charity After Fans Flock to Buy Her Love Pendant Necklace
Duchess of Sussex fans flooded the website of a London jewelry designer. 10 percent of funds from hundreds of sales have been given to dog welfare charity, Wild at Heart Foundation.

Lily James shows off her toned legs as she steps out in a floral dress and a heart-shaped pendant
And Lily James, 31, enjoyed a solo outing as she picked up groceries near her home in north London on Saturday. The actress was cautious as she wore a white face mask for the trip to Primrose Hill.

Why Meghan Markle Often Wears an Evil Eye Pendant
How this ancient symbol of protection made the leap from proud proof of a Greek vacation to royal-jewelry status.

Bear Tooth Pendant And DNA Analysis Provide Earliest Evidence Of Humans In Europe
Fossilized remains of Homo sapiens discovered at a cave site in southeastern Europe suggests that early humans expanded into the continent earlier than pre ...

These pendant shades shine a light on recycled materials
Learn more about LightArt's "from waste to watts" approach that uses recycled plastic and 3D printing to create unique, custom pendant lighting.

Europe Pendant Stations Market will take the highest jump during 2020-2025
A precise evaluation of effective manufacturing techniques, advertisement techniques, market share size, growth rate, size, revenue, sales and value chain analysis. "Global Pendant Stations Market ...

Footballer Sterling’s sons rock Godson Umeh 30,000 dollars gold pendant
Manchester City footballer, Raheem Sterling has just purchased VVS name pendants worth 30, 00 dollars for his two sons, Thiago and Thai.

Local Jeweler Supporting Frontline Workers With ‘NY Strong’ Pendant
Henry Wilson Jewelers has found a way to honor those on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a beautiful ‘NY Strong’ pendant. “We’re ...

Surrey jeweler’s ‘Honor a Hero’ pendant thanks first responders, benefits food bank
A made-in-Surrey silver pendant has been crafted as a thank-you to first responders, with proceeds to charity. Jeweler Guaica Rodriguez and his team at two Jewellery Clinic shops in Surrey designed ...

You Can Buy Meghan Markle's Pendant Necklace for $175
The Duchess wore the protective "evil eye" pendant in a video for the charity Smart Works, which remains one of her patronages.

Giddy in love! Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas wear matching heart pendant necklaces
While wearing a friendship necklace is out of character for the former Batman star, Ben Affleck appeared at ease with a piece of his heart around his neck.