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News for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania man confesses to killing both mothers of his children, police say
A Pennsylvania man is facing murder charges in the deaths of two women with whom he had fathered children. Davone Unique Anderson, 25, of Carlisle, Pa., allegedly confessed to killing Sydney Parmelee ...

Analysis shows Pennsylvania has second-most coronavirus restrictions among states
For several months, a debate has raged in Pennsylvania between Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and the Republican majorities in the state Legislature over whether the administration’s coronavirus ...

Back to School? A Dazzling Elementary School Conversion in Pennsylvania
What was once Perry Elementary School is for sale as a private home. Listed for $2.38 million, the converted school measures a whopping 14,716 square feet.

Pennsylvania Man Allegedly Confesses to Murdering Both Mothers of His Children
Davone Anderson allegedly said that he killed one woman he believed was cheating on him, and the other woman because she knew about the first slaying ...

Where are Pennsylvania’s 121,130 coronavirus cases? Aug. 12 map, county-by-county breakdown
As of 12 p.m. Aug. 12, 2020, the Pa. Department of Health reports that there are 121,130 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. There are at least 7,385 reported deaths from the ...

PIAA tells Gov. Wolf not holding Pennsylvania fall sports won’t eliminate youth coronavirus risk, it will just shift it elsewhere
In a letter reviewed by The Morning Call, the PIAA tells Gov. Tom Wolf that fall sports should go ahead during the coronavirus pandemic because youth are going to play anyway, and school oversight ...

What Kamala Harris brings to the Democratic ticket as Joe Biden seeks to flip Pennsylvania blue
Vice presidential candidates are rarely game-changers, but state Democrats and pundits on Wednesday described Kamala Harris as enhancing Joe Biden’s efforts to flip Pennsylvania blue in November.

Pennsylvania stop on major bass fishing circuit canceled
A top tier bass fishing tournament scheduled for August 19-21 in Pennsylvania has been canceled because of various state pandemic travel regulations that would have prevented anglers from several ...

How Pennsylvania State System Aims To Make Higher Education More Affordable
Student success is the top priority at Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. Redesigning the system will make higher education more affordable and accessible.

Trump-aligned super PAC highlights Biden-Harris opposition to fracking in Pennsylvania
A Trump-boosting super PAC is launching new adverts in Pennsylvania to highlight Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s opposition to fracking.

Editorial Roundup: Pennsylvania
Recent editorials of statewide and national interest from Pennsylvania’s newspapers: Stalling by PIAA and Wolf on fall sports leaves schools, students in limbo The Citizen's Voice Aug. 7 Facing a ...

'We're changing': As Biden picks Harris, Pennsylvania community grapples with race
Voters in Beaver County, Penn. tell Dasha Burns that Joe Biden's choice for a running mate was the right pick for the moment.