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News for Pennsylvania

Is Your Power Out In Pennsylvania? Here's What to Do
Whether it's winter weather and ice storms, heavy rains and high winds, or just bad luck, power outages can strike at any time. Being prepared can make getting through the whole experience a ...

Pennsylvania Woman Tried To Kidnap Kangaroo From Petting Zoo, Take It To Florida, Police Say
BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A Quakertown woman was arrested Wednesday for attempting to steal a kangaroo from a petting zoo, a police report shows. Loren McCutcheon, 52, faces misdemeanor ...

Driver who struck and killed gas station worker on Long Island arrested in Pennsylvania: police
SOUTH HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Police have arrested the driver accused of fatally striking a gas station worker on Long Island. The driver was taken into custody in Pennsylvania Friday, authorities ...

Pennsylvania man's pet alligator is an emotional support animal
Jan. 18 (UPI) --A Pennsylvania man says his pet alligator is an emotional support animal, and he has been taking the reptile to visit the elderly. Joie Henney, who hosted his own hunting and fishing s...

Man calls police after dispute with neighbor; Pennsylvania man overdoses, found dead in hotel room: Brook Park Police Blotter
BROOK PARK, Ohio --Aggravated menacing, Richard Drive: A man and woman, traveling in a vehicle on Richard Drive, told police that another driver had threatened them with a knife at about 7:15 p.m. Jan ...

Pennsylvania police department seeks volunteers to get drunk for them
A Berks County police department's request for volunteers to get drunk for law and order purposes generated a predictably enthusiastic response. The Kutztown Police Department sought three ...

At the heart of the hottest cryptocurrency, Tron, is a University of Pennsylvania graduate
Memories die hard in the cryptocurrency market, where a digital token known as Tron has almost doubled in value over the last month. Like many of the start-ups that surged in value before crashing dur...

Nassau Man Wanted For Fatal Hit-And-Run Arrested In Pennsylvania
Nassau County police say that the Baldwin man wanted for allegedly running over and killing a gas station manager earlier this week has been arrested in Pennsylvania. Police say that Joshua E.

Top Pennsylvania House of Representatives staffer dies after brief illness; Karen Coates was 55
Karen Coates, a top legislative attorney for state House Republicans throughout their current eight-year run in the majority, died Thursday at Hershey Medical Center after a brief illness. She was 55. ...

Pennsylvania police department seeking volunteers who can drink to 'inebriation'
A Pennsylvania police department seeking volunteers to get extremely drunk said they've received an "overwhelming response" from those looking to participate. Kutztown Borough Police posted the ad on ...

New Jersey, Pennsylvania Declare State Of Emergency Ahead Of Winter Storm
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A state of emergency has been declared for New Jersey and Pennsylvania ahead of this weekend’s winter storm. New Jersey’s state of emergency begins at noon on Saturday.