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News for Peridot

Photos of the Month
"Road to the Universe" and "Peridot Mesa Poppies," both by Jody Tanner. "Road to the Universe" was made in late July near Wupatki National Monument long after the sun had set. There were clouds low in the sky but the Milky Way was visible above them.

Kittiwake first over the line to take honours at Snowflake Sailing Club
Three Yeoman started, although one was slightly later than the other two. Yeoman 103 (Kittiwake, Ian Hanson and Q Stewart) was in the lead off the line with 86 (Peridot, Sarah Knight) about 100 yards behind as 91 (Brandy Bottle, Paul Barker) came over the ...

695 Peridot Place, Green Valley – Open House Sunday 1-4PM
Step into one of the nicest homes in Turnstone! No expense spared- virtually every upgrade available plus a very private courtyard on a premium lot. Kitchen w/granite slab, cherry cabinets & professional range. Shows like a model. 3BR/2.5BA

St. Paul’s Church members recap mission trips
There are four trips available, though one is not completely confirmed. Members can go to Costa Maya, Mexico; Raleigh, N.C.; Peridot, Ariz., and Red Deer in Alberta, Canada. Word is still pending on the Peridot trip, Family and Youth Minister Kris Kuschel ...

Gerald van de Wiele exhibit at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Jan. 19
With the rise of Pop-Art, and van de Wiele’s own move away from abstraction towards more representational pursuits, the artist left Leo Castelli for the Peridot Gallery, exhibiting there on and off until the mid-70s. He continued to support himself and ...

You Should Actually Use Your Zodiac Sign To Determine Your Birthstone
Questions for all the August babies out there: When was the last time you wore a piece of peridot jewelry? When was the last time you even saw a peridot? Birthstones are a nice idea, but if they're too obscure (or don't go with the rest of your stuff ...

Steven Universe Recap: Raising the Barn
The Recap: Steven goes to visit Lapis and Peridot on their farm. Lapis, afraid that Steven’s actions on Homeworld will bring another war to Earth, decides to escape into space with the barn. When Peridot confesses that she wants to stay and fight ...

The Best Limited-Edition Beauty Gifts to Buy Now—Before It’s Too Late
Take note: This season, the chicest gifts to give are the ones that are here today, gone tomorrow. After all, what’s more luxe than a beauty or wellness product with a once-in-a-lifetime availability? Take Chanel’s glossy noir lacquer in Celebrity—a ...

What’s the August birthstone?
Happy birthday August babies! Your month has 2 birthstones, peridot and sardonyx. Peridot is a gem-quality transparent variety of olivine, a mineral composed of magnesium-iron silicates. The color of olivine ranges from olive to lime green, sometimes with ...

‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Spoilers: Pink Diamond Flashback, Lapis-Peridot Fusion And More
“Steven Universe” Season 5 is expected to return to the small screen soon with new episodes. Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network shared a new trailer for “Steven Universe” Season 5 at the San Diego Comic-Con. This video clip, shows that the upcoming ...