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News for Philatelic Catalog

Cherrystone May 25-26 auction features U.S., worldwide stamps and covers
Other notable items in the auction include Italian offices in China, Krakow issues from Poland and more than 300 lots of Russian zemstvo stamps.

Two Siegel auctions in May feature choice U.S. stamps, worldwide stamps and postal history
Collectors in pursuit of graded stamps will find almost 200 scattered throughout the catalog for the May 19-20 sale.

Janis Joplin postage stamp revealed
The image was pictured in the Quarter 3 issue of the USPS USA Philatelic catalog for stamp collectors. The catalog reported only that the stamp would be issued in August, and did not include ...

Smithsonian Libraries and its Special Collections
The Libraries catalog is available on SIRIS at www.siris.si.edu The ... J.W. Scott & Co. Monthly Price List as well as annotated copies of the Catalogue of the Philatelic Library of the Earl of ...

Avid collectors put personal stamp on the hobby that endures
The Philatelic Society estimates that 99 percent ... “Everybody needs a classic specialized catalog. This one goes for $3. You know what? You could afford to buy this one for three bucks ...

Purple Martin Flies On Forever Stamped Envelopes
Bird lovers are expected to flock to their Post Offices now that the Postal Service is celebrating North America’s largest swallow by issuing the Purple Martin First-Class Mail Forever Stamped ...

Building an Apollo collection, Part III
He pretty much stopped signing philatelic items altogether at that point ... He has remainders at fabulous discounts, current books at discount, and has his catalog online at www.hamiltonbook.com. He ...

Stamps Issued When Hawaii Was A Kingdom Going To Auction
It combines stamps from two countries — known in the philatelic world as mixed franking ... according to the catalog. Its pre-sale estimate is $250,000 to $350,000. The sale also has letters ...

Holabird's massive, 3,049-lot Western Americana Signature Sale, May 13th-17th, contains collectibles in many categories
Day 2, on May 14th, will showcase mining and mineral collectibles (including ore specimens and fossils), railroadiana and transportation, and philatelic ... The full catalog can be viewed online ...

Mr Celio Barreto
Celio H. Barreto, BA, BFA (Hons.), MA, researches the reciprocal relationship between photographic practices and new visual cultures in the last decades of Meiji Japan. Mr Barreto is affiliated with ...

Free Activities To Do In Singapore 2021
Pro tip: If you’re an RWS Invites Member, redeem all-day parking with Invites$2.50. *The Peranakan Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum and Reflections at Bukit Chandu are currently closed for ...