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House chairmen press Cabinet secretaries for answers on clearing protesters ahead of Trump's photo op
The inquiry is the first step by the Democrat-led House to probe the police and military actions taken in Washington, D.C.

Defense official resigns from Pentagon post, slams Esper for role in Trump photo op
In an extraordinary resignation letter, provided to The Washington Post, a Pentagon official resigned citing Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's role in President Donald Trump's photo op.

Press secretary compares Trump's bible photo op to Churchill inspecting bombing damage in WWII
President Trump's bible photo op may go down in the history books — but probably not for the reason his press secretary thinks. On Monday, police and secret service agents used tear gas and rubber ...

Former CIA director calls on defense secretary to resign over church photo-op
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden called on Defense Secretary Mark Esper to resign after he accompanied President Trump to pose for photos in front of a vandalized church across from the White House.

The dystopian Lincoln Memorial photo raises a grim question: Will they protect us, or will they shoot us?
Who thought what America needs now is a viral image of the American military in camouflage and body armor occupying a memorial that symbolizes the hope of reconciliation, that has drawn to its steps ...

I'm a priest. The police forced me off church grounds for Trump's photo op.
When I arrived in front of St. John's Episcopal Church in Lafayette Square on Monday, bringing granola bars and cases of water, the mood was upbeat. I couldn't have imagined the grotesque scene that w ...

Google Photos Changes Photo Deletion With New Warning
From now on, Google Photos will display a clear indication of how much time remains before images are permanently deleted from the trash. When you ‘delete’ a photo or video on Google Photos it is held ...

Esper revises account of what he knew about Trump's church photo-op
At a Wednesday briefing, Esper did not directly answer a reporter’s question about whether he regretted participating in the presidential photo opportunity.

Biden addresses nationwide Floyd protests, condemns Trump church photo op in Philadelphia speech
Joe Biden gave an emotional speech in Philadelphia Tuesday condemning President Trump and speaking to the nationwide protests following George Floyd's death.

Trump's Lafayette Park photo-op is a clear example of how democracies slide into dictatorship
Trump using police to clear a park of peaceful protestors to get a photo-op is a perfect example of how dictatorships emerge from democracies.

White House’s McEnany Compares Trump—And Controversial Photo-Op—To Churchill, Bush
"For this president it was powerful and important to send a message that the rioters, the looters, the anarchists, they will not prevail," McEnany said of the St. John's photo op, adding it was ...

Andrew Cuomo jabs Trump over church photo-op: 'Here in New York, we actually read the Bible'
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo quoted Scripture while chiding President Trump for his recent visit to St. John's Episcopal Church during protests in Washington.