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News for Pick Up

McDonalds patron spits at employee, shoots another in pick-up window fight: Police
A customer at a McDonald's has been arrested after allegedly spitting on one employee and shooting another during an argument that ensued at the pick-up window.

Police investigating after two people attempt to pick up kids from summer camp without authorization
"We want to make you aware of an incident at the Fischer Park Nature Camp on Friday during pick up. Two individuals attempted to pick up campers without authorization or permissio ...

Rocklin Considers Mandating Pet Owners Pick Up Waste
Taking care of your pet’s business may soon be law in Rocklin. Rocklin city leaders drafted an ordinance that requires pet owners to immediately clean up their animal’s waste or potentially face a ...

Oregon’s men place 2nd in NCAA Track and Field Championships; pick up 3 individual titles
Three Ducks can call themselves NCAA Champions now, with the Oregon men's team taking second place trailing a dominant performance from LSU.

MAD Lions pick up first win of the 2021 LEC Summer Split as Fnatic fail to find their footing
MAD Lions secured their first win of the 2021 LEC Summer Split against Fnatic today in an intense 32-minute game. While this League of Legends match was hyped up as the Match of the Week, it didn’t ...

Summer meals for kids available for pick-up
The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District is hosting free meal pick-ups for kids out of school for the summer.

Crawford residents will need to pick up their mail in Brookesville
Until repairs can be made to the postal facility, Crawford customers can pick up their PO Box mail, packages, and other services at the Brooksville Post Office.

Majors, Plainsmen pick up wins at Enid Festival
The Enid Majors started the Enid Festival with a 6-3 win against 3 Rivers on Friday, June 11, 2021 at David Allen Memorial Ballpark behind a complete game from Maddux Mayberry. After giving up an ...

Gen.G pick up second win of the split after dismantling Hanwha Life Esports
Gen.G continue their winning ways and pick up their second victory of the split after a 2-0 series against Hanwha Life Esports. Almost all members of HLE were outmatched in todays ...

Education customers can pick up a Google Jamboard for $999 ($4,000 off)
I had the honor of sharing a new project from two of the best educators in the business. If you're an educator or business type, I highly recommend checking out the new book Teaching with Jamboard ...

Rocklin City Leaders Consider Ordinance Requiring Pet Owners To Pick Up Poop
Taking care of your pet’s business may soon be law in Rocklin. City leaders drafted an ordinance that requires pet owners to immediately clean up their animal’s waste or potentially face a several ...