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News for Pioneer Lcd

Ultra-low power Pervasive Displays e-paper screen added to pioneering IoT development board
E-paper displays use much less energy than a traditional TFT liquid crystal display (LCD), because they require no backlight ... ideal partner to implement the display on our PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit. This board gives our customers the best of both worlds ...

Pioneer Brings Apple CarPlay to the Vehicle You Already Own
Utilizing large, in-dash Pioneer LCD displays, CarPlay featuring Siri® voice control, gives iPhone users the features while allowing them to stay focused on the road. With CarPlay, consumers with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 can use Siri to make and ...

Pioneer KURO KRL-37V 37in LCD TV
If I’m honest, when I first heard Pioneer mention that it was going to start making LCD TVs to go alongside its world-beating plasma TVs, it sounded like a mistake. After all, Pioneer can hardly expect me or anyone else with even a passing interesting in ...

Our HDTV Cage Match Between Sharp's Aquos LCD and Pioneer's Elite Plasma
You might have noticed, but the Giz gang and I are starting to do head-to-head comparisons of gear inspired by all those Macho Man vs. Ultimate Warrior matches we grew up with. Here's my offering: Big, beautiful, flat panels, faced off, side by side.

Sony Xperia XZ1: So very nice, but so very same-old
The Japanese electronics pioneer must have a very good reason for sticking to ... you may well be among those who will find the design reassuringly familiar. The 5.2-inch IPS LCD display is overall quite pleasant and crisp. Colours are on the realistic ...

Europe honours LCD screen pioneer Martin Schadt
Liquid crystal displays have become so ubiquitous that it is easy to take them for granted. But one of the key players in LCD's development says the innovation wasn't "highly regarded" in its early years. Martin Schadt isn't exaggerating. In 1970 the Swiss ...

Why does Pioneer want to stop making plasmas?
Competition in large flat panel TVs is intense - look at Sony, Philips, Pioneer and others all jostling for space in an already over-crowded and largely low-profit market. Technologically too, LCD is fast catching up with plasma, not only in terms of ...

Pioneer launching 5 new aftermarket CarPlay receivers including 7-inch single-DIN model
In total, there are five new Pioneer NEX receivers: double-DIN 7” LCD AVH-2330NEX ($500 ... Zac covers Apple news and product reviews for 9to5Mac, contributes to 9to5Google, and hosts the weekly 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast.

Yet Children’s Day held with gusto by tribal kids
There are welcome gates, a stage decorated with flowers, a bunch of flex banners, announcement through loudspeakers and a LCD projector for the students, teachers and bureaucrats of the district sitting on chairs to listen to the message of Chief Minister ...

Recent research: Augmented reality automotive market global industry review to 2025
They offer superior quality images and brighter displays as compared to LCD and TFT-LCD display panels. However, these display technologies are not frequently used in automotive applications due to low-temperature resistance and durability of these panels ...