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News for Pioneer Lcd

Pioneer launching 5 new aftermarket CarPlay receivers including 7-inch single-DIN model
In total, there are five new Pioneer NEX receivers: double-DIN 7” LCD AVH-2330NEX ($500 ... Hands-on with Apple's new Schoolwork app on iPad Listen to the latest 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast Apple pushing 32-bit app warning live for macOS 10.13.4

Pioneer PH Launches New Pioneer Z-Series Multimedia Receivers
Pioneer Electronics Asia Center recently launched its new Pioneer Z-Series multimedia receivers composed of the 1-DIN AVH-Z7050BT ... file formats like MP4 and MKV and a new 24-bit full-color LCD screen. The Pioneer Z-Series also supports NTFS file format ...

Pioneer KURO KRL-37V 37in LCD TV
If I’m honest, when I first heard Pioneer mention that it was going to start making LCD TVs to go alongside its world-beating plasma TVs, it sounded like a mistake. After all, Pioneer can hardly expect me or anyone else with even a passing interesting in ...

LG to start global sales of AI-powered OLED TVs
The plan comes as Samsung Electronics Co, LG's bigger South Korean rival, employs LCD technology that uses backlights for its premium QLED TVs.

First Android Phone with iPhone X-like Facial Recognition to Launch in Q3 2018
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The Pioneer Elite TV Is Back: Is It the Greatest LCD TV Ever Created?
The Pioneer Elite line was one of those wonderful things you really wanted but knew you'd never be able to afford. Then Pioneer stopped making them. And now they're back—just as stellar looking and crazily priced as ever. Last week we saw Panasonic's ...

Pioneer Offers a Bundled Package with Its SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer to Increase Trackable Ride Data for Cyclists
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--INTERBIKE – Booth #14165 – Pioneer ... Computer with LCD touchscreen display, the same computer used by professional cycling teams UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling and Belkin Pro Cycling, an ANT+™ heart rate monitor, and ...

Apple loses $60bn over reports of weak smartphone demand in 2018
The Cupertino-based company currently uses Samsung's OLED displays for iPhone X. The LCD panels which are currently being used in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are supplied by LG. Apple Watch screen is made by LG Display. There are reports that Apple is ...

Our HDTV Cage Match Between Sharp's Aquos LCD and Pioneer's Elite Plasma
You might have noticed, but the Giz gang and I are starting to do head-to-head comparisons of gear inspired by all those Macho Man vs. Ultimate Warrior matches we grew up with. Here's my offering: Big, beautiful, flat panels, faced off, side by side.