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News for Pioneer Lcd

New Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ Controller Introduced For $1,200
Pioneer has installed customisable colour LCD displays located in the centre of each jog wheel providing easy access to all the information you need whether that be BPM, waveform, playback position or Hot Cue and Loop points. For more details and full ...

Pioneer’s new DJ controller brings a club-style layout to a portable unit
The company has even upgraded them, including a full-color LCD display in the center that shows information like a song’s BPM, time remaining, key, and the song’s waveform, complete with any cue points that have been set. Image: Pioneer The DDJ-1000 ...

Pioneer’s New DDJ-1000 Controller Has The Look & Feel Of Club Standard CDJs
Pioneer just introduced its new DDJ-1000 controller — a hybrid ... Some of the DDJ-1000’s best features include an all-new LCD jog display, club-style layout, improved Magvel Fader, brand new FX (including color FX), and 16 performance pads.

Pioneer gets into the wireless Android Auto game with 2 prototypes
the double-DIN 7" LCD AVIC-W8400NEX and AVH-W4400NEX. Designed to showcase the future of wireless connectivity and smart home integration, Pioneer and a Google Brand Ambassador are teaming up to demonstrate Android Auto Wireless and Google Assistant ...

Pioneer Touts Android Auto Receiver Prototypes – CES 2018
Aside from the above-listed NEX prototype, Pioneer is also showing off its new double-DIN, 7-inch LCD-touting AVIC-W8400NEX. Unfortunately, the company’s press release regarding either device was relatively slim on details, which makes some sense since ...

Pioneer announces two new wireless Android Auto head units
with both utilising a double-DIN form factor that includes a 7” LCD display. Additional specs for the head units have not been announced, nor has pricing or a launch date with Pioneer still referring to the units as ‘prototypes’. Pioneer says that ...

Have a geez at Pioneer’s fancy new DDJ-1000 controller
Pioneer has unveiled the details of the DDJ-1000, which is a new four – channel DJ controller, optimised for the use of rekordbox dj’s most recent updates. The new features include high definition LCD screens, featured on the jog wheels, displaying BPM ...

Pioneer Brings Apple CarPlay to the Vehicle You Already Own
Utilizing large, in-dash Pioneer LCD displays, CarPlay featuring Siri® voice control, gives iPhone users the features while allowing them to stay focused on the road. With CarPlay, consumers with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 can use Siri to make and ...

How to choose the best smart TV for your viewing habits
Even the streaming pioneer Netflix is only just making the switch to 4K content ... Today's television displays rely on two competing technologies: the ubiquitous LED LCD and the more expensive OLED. Trying to say which one is best can get tricky ...

Our HDTV Cage Match Between Sharp's Aquos LCD and Pioneer's Elite Plasma
You might have noticed, but the Giz gang and I are starting to do head-to-head comparisons of gear inspired by all those Macho Man vs. Ultimate Warrior matches we grew up with. Here's my offering: Big, beautiful, flat panels, faced off, side by side.