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Pots, trays, tubs - consumers confront their plastic footprint
It's hard not to feel guilty about the price our planet pays for plastic. But when most affordable products come with plastic packaging, are we as consumers really in control? For one week in May, ...

In Our View: Phase-out of plastic comes none too soon
As of the end of next year, plastic bags and cutlery and Styrofoam takeout containers will be banned. It’s going to be a massive change. There are doubtless going to be kinks to work out – plastic ...

How to grow plants in containers for patios, outdoor spaces
For gardeners hoping to add plants in containers to outdoor spaces like patios, here are expert tips for how to get started.

Takeout containers and other plastics are on the way out. Here's how businesses are adapting
The single-use plastic ban that was announced by the federal government will be implemented in phases over the next 18 months. Environmental organizations and local businesses see the overall benefits ...

More than 90% of Illinois' plastic goes to landfills. Here are some solutions.
Over 90% of the plastic generated in Illinois is going to landfills instead of being recycled. We can help change that.

A new plant-based material can replace plastic food packaging for keeps
Scientists from Rutgers University and Harvard have created a biopolymer that can replace plastic food packaging.

Is it time to ditch the plastic bottle?
Recent studies on the presence of microplastics in human blood may make some consumers wary of plastic food and beverage containers. Is it time for us to make a change?

From plastic to plant-based: New rule aims to protect national parks from pollution
Plastic water bottles, plastic forks, plastic bags and polystyrene food containers will soon be just a memory at national parks. The Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland recently issued an order to ...

Easttown Township bans plastic bags. Styrofoam food containers could be next
Easttown Township has become the seventh municipality in Pennsylvania — and the third in Chester County — to pass a plastic bag ban. More bans are on the way.

Cannabis Confidential: Vermont tackles plastic waste in the cannabis industry. Will Mass. be next?
Guidance released by Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board suggests the use of packaging made from glass, tin, cardboard and bamboo instead of plastic.

Inside California's fight to force makers of plastic trash to clean up their mess
The moment may be at hand for Californians to turn the tide on a sea of plastic waste that environmentalists say is destroying life in the ocean, contaminating drinking water and ...

Global Plastic Bottles & Containers Market 2022 Competitive Strategy Analysis, Trend Analysis, and Forecast till 2028
The research study of the Global Plastic Bottles & Containers Market Growth 2022-2028 is by is designed by keeping in mind all the segments and sub segments. These segments and ...