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Terry Gavin, Baldemar Lopez opt not to seek new Elgin council terms as nine candidates step up to the plate
The Elgin City Council will have at least two new members this spring now that Councilmen Terry Gavin and Baldemar Lopez have opted not to be among the 11 candidates vying for four open seats in April ...

Full Plate: Lobster restaurant opens, while a Southern eatery closes
A Dairy Block bar closes temporarily and a well-regarded RiNo eatery closes for good because of the state shutdown of Denver-area dining rooms.

Driving You Crazy: Are clear license plate covers legal in Colorado?
I saw one of these protective license plate covers in an auto parts store but I’ve been told they are not legal to put on your car. Is this plate cover legal?” As long as the cover is clear and ...

Global Plate Rolls Market 2020 Growth by Opportunities, Application, Current Trend and Forecast by 2026
Global Plate Rolls Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2026 is the latest market report rolled out by MarketsandResearch.biz, one of the world’s leading market ...

New horseshoe crab license plate benefits Delaware environmental groups
Delaware residents can now sport a license plate featuring a horseshoe crab on a coastal backdrop. The $50 plates benefit environmental nonprofits.

Here’s why and when you will get a new Florida license plate in the mail
A News 6 viewer recently submitted this question, “Why did I randomly get a new license plate in the mail?” “Yes, 2020 has been filled with a bunch of weird things, including lots of scams that have ...

Thyssenkrupp's Heavy Plate to close after buyer drops out - sources
Embattled conglomerate Thyssenkrupp's Heavy Plate plant is facing closure after a potential buyer dropped out of a sales process, two labour representatives told Reuters on Tuesday.

Meals on Wheels Orange County Steps Up to the Plate!
One of your neighbors posted in Community Corner. Click through to read what they have to say. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.) ...

Plate Load Test speeds up Wind Farm Geotechnical Testing – Case Study
We find clients are often looking for ways to improve geotechnical testing outcomes and do it more efficiently at the same time. This drives their buying decision making.

License plate readers considered to stop Nashville street racing
Metro Police conducted another sting of street racing stops this weekend in southeast Nashville. Four people were arrested and 13 drivers were cited for drag racing near Nolensville Pike, according to ...

Steel Plate Lifting Clamp Market 2020 Top Key Players, Growth Factor, Types, Applications, Market Share, Size, Opportunities to 2026
Global “ Steel Plate Lifting Clamp Market ” research report includes sales growth rate comparison by type and applications, market size estimates, revenue, market facts and figures by country. Also, ...

An empty plate: Coaches give thoughts on Thanksgiving without games
On Thursday morning, high school football players and coaches across the state will wake up with an empty feeling. There will be no driving to a stadium in those cold early-morning hours. There ...