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News for Plates

Oakbrook Center security scans license plates in its parking lots, raising privacy concerns
Oakbrook Center security drives around the parking lot using a license plate recognition system to make sure employees aren't parked in the best spaces, which management wants reserved for guests. Oakbrook Center security drives around the parking lot ...

Golden Knights license plates delayed over design
The Golden Knights could hoist the Stanley Cup before drivers are able to order specialty plates bearing the team’s logo. Officials with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles have spent the past six months in a back-and-forth with the team on the design.

Home Plates: A perfect birthday cake — with pineapple
If you grew up in Palo Alto in the 1950s, Susan Meyer figures your birthday cake probably came from Mrs. Miner’s Bakery. “They made this special cake, I think for birthdays, which I have never seen any other place,” says Meyer, who lives in Fremont now.

Police set up taskforce over illegal use of spy number plates, sirens in Abuja
ABUJA—THE Federal Capital Territory, FCT Police Command, yesterday, constituted a special taskforce to review the use of sirens and spy number plates in Abuja, the nation’s capital city. The command’s spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, in a statement said ...

Customer License Plates Scanned At Oakbrook Center: Report
OAK BROOK, IL — Customers at Oakbrook Center might not be aware that the mall's security monitors parking by scanning the license plates of cars in its lots. The mall has used license plate recognition to make sure employees don't take customer spots ...

License plates are getting a tech makeover. Here's why
From in-vehicle infotainment to driver-assist systems, digital technology can be seen in just about every component of modern automobiles — except the license plate. But if one Silicon Valley startup has its way, even those stamped metal plates will soon ...

Here’s what license plates look like in every US state — and the hidden meaning behind them
US license plates are as diverse as the states they come from. From plates that showcase state symbols to those that display famous landmarks or historical figures, each one has a story to tell. Plates from mountainous states like Colorado and Nevada ...

No legal plates or valid license: Bentleyville Police Blotter
BENTLEYVILLE, Ohio -- Driving under suspension, unauthorized or fictitious plates; Solon Road: A South Euclid man, 36, was stopped late on April 17, initially for license plates that did not match up with the car he was driving. He was then found to be ...

Screws, plates placed in pitcher's head after injury
MT. ZION, Ill. (WAND) – A softball player suffered a serious injury when a line drive hit her head. Pitcher Ally Bruner, who plays for Mt. Zion High School, took the hit just above her right eye. The ball crushed part of her skull. Bruner had to get ...

Smart license plates hitting California roads
We've seen a lot of technological advances in cars over the last several years, but not much with license plates. Those days now appear to be over because license plates just got a whole lot smarter. "This is not clunky and chunky like a big piece of metal ...