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News for Playstation 3

Sony paying up to $65 to people who purchased the original PlayStation 3
TOKYO, JAPAN - Remember all that money you dished out on PlayStation 3 video games back in the day? Well, you may be eligible to get some of that money back. Several buyers of the original PlayStation 3 filed a class action lawsuit against Sony recently ...

Original PlayStation 3 Owners Could Be Entitled To A $65 Check From Sony
When Sony released its PlayStation 3 way back in 2006, it came with a large and very impressive feature list. While Sega introduced the internet to consoles with its Dreamcast in 1999, Sony brought none other than Linux to consoles with its PS3. At the ...

If you bought an original PlayStation 3, you could be $65 richer
Back when PlayStation 3 debuted, Sony marketed it as a “computer” that would run Linux as well as play games. The Air Force even bought 1,700 of them to make their own supercomputer. The Linux thing never really panned out, so Sony quietly dumped the ...

If you owned a 'fat' PlayStation 3 you could be entitled to $65 from Sony because of Linux option
Cast your mind back to when Sony released the original PlayStation 3, and you may well remember claims that the console was also a "computer". The claims were such that Sony suggested that owners could install Linux -- which, technically speaking, they could.

PlayStation 3 Phat owners have a month left to claim ‘OtherOS’ class action settlement
Playstation 3 owners — and by this I mean owners of the phabulous Phat PlayStation 3 — have one month left to collect up to $65 as one of the longest and silliest controversies in the console’s history winds down. The settlement was reached in ...

Kingdom Hearts 3 Is On the Official PlayStation Magazine Cover This Month
Kingdom Hearts III is the cover story in this month’s issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (April Issue, 147), but other than giving out a few new details about the game and its development process, what it mostly does is confirm the same ...

The Entire Souls Series Might Become Available on PlayStation 4
Both Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne remain Sony exclusives, but Demon’s Souls remains locked to the PlayStation 3. Fortunately, recent rumors suggest that Demon’s Souls will be remade by Bluepoint Games. If this is true, it means all five Souls games ...

Kingdom Hearts 3 update: PlayStation fans treated to BIG news about new sequel
Kingdom Hearts 3 fans might want to grab this month's issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the cover story in the latest edition of the magazine (via Gamingbolt). As part of the feature, game director Tetsuya Nomura reveals how ...

3 Rules for Designing Primo Virtual Reality
As many in the retail industry predicted, millions of people are unwrapping a Vive, Rift, PlayStation VR, or some other virtual ... back muscles and skin as the car suddenly accelerated. 3. Be Safe Good VR causes people to forget they are still in the ...

Omega Force Wants To Make Toukiden 3, Currently Working On A “Surprising Title”
Toukiden 2 first released in Japan on July 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. It released in the West in March 2017 for PS4, PS Vita, and PC.