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News for Plymouth

Miracle in Plymouth: UAW worker celebrates Ford making 1M face shields in 13 days
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio praises Ford for helping protect first responders as Ford-UAW workers build around the clock a million face shields.

Amador tribe wins federal right to seek state permission for new casino in Plymouth
After years of court fights and citizen efforts to halt the construction of a third casino in Amador County, the Ione Band of Miwok Indians has won federal approval for 220 acres of tribal land to be ...

Missing the Point of Plymouth Rock
Turner, a scholar of the history of American religion, and the author of a recent book on the Plymouth colony, surveys the debate about the New York Times ’s 1619 Project with the traditional attitude ...

Hundreds queue for TSB Bank in New Plymouth
Hundreds of frustrated customers - some of them elderly - queued around the block at the New Plymouth headquarters of the TSB Bank when it opened this morning.

Plymouth nuclear plant radioactive fuel transfer to go on despite coronavirus concerns
PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — Plans to transfer radioactive spent fuel at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth to steel-lined dry casks will go on as scheduled despite the coronavirus pandemic, the ...

Coronavirus: Plymouth Closes Long Beach, White Horse Beach
Plymouth Long Beach and White Horse Beach in Plymouth will be closed until further notice due to the new coronavirus public health emergency. Plymouth Town Manager Melissa Arrighi said the beaches ...

Indoor home rink keeps Plymouth-bound Marek Hejduk on ice during pandemic
Indoor home rink keeps Plymouth-bound Marek Hejduk on ice during pandemic The coronavirus outbreak hasn't stopped Plymouth-bound Marek Hejduk from skating on his indoor rink at home and pursuing his ...

Tri-Cities brothers collide on motorcycles on Highway 14 near Plymouth
A Kennewick man was hospitalized Friday afternoon after crashing into the back of his brother's motorcycle during a ride on Highway 14 near Plymouth. Rick Moreno, 61, was riding his his ...

Coronavirus: Plymouth Town Meeting Postponed To May 30
The Plymouth annual and special spring town meetings have been postponed until May 30 due to the coronavirus health emergency.

Coronavirus: Plymouth Public Schools To Begin Remote Learning
With the extension of the coronavirus schools closure through May 4, Plymouth Public Schools will begin remote learning on April 7.

Brother of top expert on COVID-19 is president of Plymouth State
Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the country's top medical experts during its fight against COVID-19, has a close connection to the Granite State.

Plymouth teacher using 3D printers to make medical face shields for doctors
With schools out of session because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, a middle school teacher in Plymouth is using his time to give back to people working on the front lines.