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News for Plymouth

Plymouth Covid hotspots as cases rise throughout city
Coronavirus cases in Plymouth continue to increase in a number of areas. It comes as Plymouth was confirmed to have had the fifth largest rise in the number of cases in the countr y, with the city’s ...

A Detailed Look Back At The Plymouth Laser
Read on to find out more details about the Plymouth Laser's history, features, and complications. The Plymouth Laser debuted in January 1989 as a sporty front-drive coupe. It had several variants, ...

Emergency services called out after alleged assault in New Plymouth
Police cordoned off a main route in New Plymouth after being called to an alleged assault on Tuesday. Officers responded to the alert at The Clarendon Apartments in St Aubyn St about 1.45pm, a ...

1-of-12 1971 Plymouth Cuda 440-6 Goes for $960K - Not a Record, But Impressive
It might have missed the $1 million mark, but the $962,500 this 1971 Plymouth Cuda got last week was enough to propel the car in the top ten highest-selling machines in January.

Plymouth "Hellduster" Flexes Hellcat Muscle in Offroad Package
With SUVs and crossovers continuing to climb the sales ladder, what do you do when you wish to be surrounded by something special while enjoying that elevated driving position? Well, why not ...

Barn Find 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Needs Some Loving
Do you know someone who could help?For many reasons people really get excited about barn find cars. It’s like finding pirate treasure buried on the beach, only it’s a car someone lovingly shoved into ...

Amazon bringing sorting center to former Spartan warehouse in Plymouth Township
The company announced this week five new locations in metro Detroit, including the sorting center in Plymouth Township.

Plymouth student restores Shelby family's tractor
SHELBY -- Jan and Dick Shellhouse of Shelby approached Laura Ringler, Agricultural Educator at Plymouth High School, looking to have their tractor restored. Ringler immediately had the perfect student ...

HPWA donates $10,000 for water quality plan with Plymouth ponds
This year, the town’s Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs wants to get ahead of the problem by implementing a water quality plan. Last fall, Town Meeting authorized $71,000 from the ...

'AIex' turns students into sales stars at Plymouth State
PLYMOUTH — An artificial-intelligence entity known as “Alex” is training Plymouth State students to become better salespeople, helping them get pre-graduation face time with prospective employers — an ...

Plymouth South boys hockey looking for that final piece to the puzzle
Steve Whyte understands his young Plymouth South hockey team may take some lumps this season against some of the more experienced teams in the Patriot League. But he also knows that once experience ...