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Traces of poison found on water bottle recovered from Navalny’s hotel room, allies say
It was decided to take everything that could be useful in some hypothetical way and pass it on to doctors in Germany,” Navalny’s Instagram post said. “It was also obvious ...

Navalny's team says nerve agent used to poison him found on hotel room water bottle
Traces of the Novichok nerve agent used to poison Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny were found on a bottle in his hotel room in Siberia, his team said.

Poison Used on Aleksei Navalny Was in a Water Bottle, His Team Says
Aides of the Russian opposition leader collected items from his hotel room in Siberia as soon as he fell ill, according to a video posted on his Instagram account.

Russian poison found in Navalny's hotel room, aides say
The political team of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said Thursday traces of a deadly military-grade poison were found at the Siberia hotel where he'd stayed before he became ill.

Lady Gaga says Americans 'all drink the poison that is white supremacy,' calls out 'performative activism'
Lady Gaga spoke out against racism and intolerance in a new interview. The 34-year-old singer also criticized people who post about activism but don't actually participate in the change America needs ...

Dream Boy And The Poison Fans
A Chinese idol had millions of fans who adored him for his kindness and good looks. Then, this February, one group of fans accused another of violating their image of him. What happens is a lesson in ...

Lady Gaga: Every American drinks 'the poison that is white supremacy'
Lady Gaga says every American from birth drinks "the poison that is white supremacy." The "Rain on Me" singer talked about systemic racism and celebrity activism in an interview with Billboard for its ...

Alexei Navalny's Instagram page posted a video of water bottles thought to be tainted with poison meant to kill him
Navalny, a top critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, fell ill August 20. German doctors have said he was poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok.

‘Poison pill’ ruling for Lake Erie wind farm will stand, according to draft order
The Ohio Power Siting Board is preparing to rule that it will not revisit its decision to allow the construction of Icebreaker Wind, with restrictions that backers say will doom the project.

Election poison? House Democrats debate when to vote on marijuana decriminalization bill
House Democrats are mulling whether to take up a bill before the November election that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level.

Trump Launches 'Patriotic Education’ Commission, Calls 1619 Project 'Ideological Poison’
The president accused the left of attempting to ‘demolish’ the constitution and impose ‘tyranny’ through progressive education.