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‘Temtem’ is in early access, but it’s already the best ‘Pokemon’ clone ever made
For the life of me, I could never figure out why there weren’t more shameless Pokemon ripoffs floating around. Sure, there are other games that have creatures you can catch, evolve, and battle, but ...

Nintendo reveals new details about Pokémon Home’s features, pricing and platforms
Pokémon Home, a cloud-service app for storing and looking up data on creatures from different Pokémon games, is arriving in February 2020. On Tuesday, Nintendo unveiled a new batch of information ...

Pokemon Go Adding Online PvP Battles This Week
Pokemon Go players will soon have a chance to put their battling skills to the test against other trainers from around the world. Developer Niantic has announced it will begin rolling out the Go ...

Pokémon Home premium service gives fans a storage solution for $3 a month
Pokémon Home, the follow-up to the Nintendo 3DS’ Pokemon Bank app, will officially launch in February as a paid service on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Built to interact with Pokémon Sword, ...

'Pokémon Go' Battle League Rolling Out Allowing Trainers to Battle
It's no secret that Niantic and The Pokémon Company are trying to make competitive Pokémon Go battling a thing and the next step in that process is beginning to roll out. According to a new blog post, ...

Pokemon Home Cost & Features Announced - GS News Update
Pokemon live in the cloud. Pokemon Home pricing and features have been detailed. The storage app will have free and premium tiers, with most features available at no charge, though they will be ...

Nintendo details 'Pokemon Home' iPhone app and service subscription
Nintendo has announced a February release date for Pokemon Home, how much it will cost, and what games are compatible with the service. Pokemon Home acts as a central database for your Pokemon.

Pokemon Home premium pricing set at $15.99 a year
A Home for Your Pokémon Move Pokémon between compatible games, trade Pokémon on the go, and more with #PokemonHOME! https://t.co/MQ6qBfrR65 pic.twitter.com/ERHXXGR9TE— Pokémon (@Pokemon) January 28, ...

Pokémon Home cloud storage service will launch in February for $3 a month
COMING UP: President Trump to unveil Middle East peace plan. Click to watch full coverage … The Pokémon Company is making it easier for players to keep all of their pokémon from every game in one ...

Pokémon Home app launches in February for iOS, Android, and Switch
The Pokémon Company and Nintendo announced today that Pokémon Home will launch in February for Android, iOS, and Switch. Pokémon Home is an app that will make it easier for fans of the monster ...

Everything you need to know about Pokemon Home
Last May, The Pokemon Company announced a new cloud storage service called Pokemon Home that would allow players to transfer their Pokemon between Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Pokémon Home App for iPhone and iPad Launching in February for $3/Month or $16/Year
The Pokémon Company today provided a few new details on its upcoming "Pokémon Home" cloud service app for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. The service will launch in February 2020 for $2.99 (1 month ...