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News for Pokemon Cards

How A Pokemon Card Is Made
Creatures, Inc. is an often-overlooked arm of the Pokemon machine. The developer has worked on spin-off Pokemon games for years, starting with Pokemon Stadium in 1998 and most recently Detective Pikachu--as well as 3D Pokemon models for various games ...

Pokemon GO Receiving New Friends, Trading and Gifting Features – Here are the Details
Once added, you’ll see everyone in your Friends List in Pokemon GO. Related Adobe Scan App Can Now Turn a Business Card into a Phone Contact [Download Now] Gifting is an interesting new feature. As you spin a Photo Disc at a PokeStop or a Gym you will en ...

Pokémon Go update brings trading, friends list to the game
“[I grew up] playing a ton of Pokémon games and watching the anime and collecting and trading the Pokémon, cards with my sisters and friends at school,” Koa said of her experience designing the update. “Friends and trading is a really important ...

Pokémon Go finally gets trading and a friends list, rolls out this week
Trading has been a staple of the main Pokémon series since its launch — both in the role-playing games and the trading card game — but it has not been in Pokémon Go. With its upcoming release, Niantic is addressing one of its game’s largest criticisms.

Pokémon: 20 Mega Evolutions So Powerful They Should Be Banned
While the card game and TV series were popular in their own right, the Pokémon video games have always had a strong fan base ever since creator Satoshi Tajiri came out with Pocket Monsters Aka and Midori for the Gameboy. Since its initial release ...

Pokémon GO is finally going to let players trade Pokémon
It’ll arrive marked with a photo of the stop where you picked it up — a little Pokéstop post card, of sorts, bundled with a handful of “helpful items.” Niantic doesn’t say exactly what those “helpful items” might be, though they do note that ...

Japan Is Getting POKÉMON Vending Machines with Digital Pikachu
While the vending machines still sell official Pokémon plushies, cards, and other collectibles, the new versions also feature an animated Pikachu who appears on the video screen and interacts with users. Basically, he’s your personal shopping companion.

Pokémon GO will finally let you trade with nearby friends for some stardust
Gifts will also come with a post card showing where you found it, just in case you want to brag to your friends about that trip overseas you took recently. Of course, not everything is tradable at once. In order to trade a Pokémon that's either shiny ...

VIDEO: Police dog trading cards let children meet the local K9 pack
He and his four other K9 colleagues have special cards detailing their traits and fun facts, handed out by officers to kids at events or on patrol. “They’re cooler than Pokemon cards,” K9 Officer Scott Kimbark said. “They’re limited edition.”

Pokemon Go Update Adds Trading AndFriends System Soon
explaining that she played the original games and traded Pokemon cards with friends and family as a kid. "We wanted to make sure that we got things right. We needed to take into account how to introduce trading into this game, where exploring new places is ...