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News for Poland

75 years on, Holocaust survivors struggle to recover property in Poland
Lea Evron, 85, has only fragments of memories of the fur factory and the three-story apartment building her family owned before World War Two in Zywiec, a small town in southern Poland. What she does ...

A bar mitzvah for Gerry, who turned 13 while the Nazis occupied Poland
What Gerry Steinkeller endured as a Jew in occupied Poland during World War II would age anyone. And yet, technically speaking, until Saturday he was not a man. On Saturday, at age 92, the retired ...

Poland’s finance minister set for tax battle with Airbnb
Poland’s new finance minister wants US home rental site Airbnb to pay tax on the revenues it earns in the central European country, in the latest intervention by a senior European politician in the ...

Poland: Far-Right Party Chooses Presidential Candidate
Poland's far-right Confederation party on Saturday chose a lawmaker who previously led an ultra-nationalist youth organization as its candidate in the country's spring presidential election.

Why Rainbow Benches Are Dividing Poland
Rainbow-colored infrastructure is emerging as the next battleground for LGBTQ visibility in the conservative Central European nation.

Poland plans central coal warehouse to reduce stockpiles at mines
Poland plans to move some coal stocks from mines to a central warehouse, Deputy Minister of State Assets Adam Gaweda said on Friday, as the government looks to reduce growing stockpiles which a mining ...

Poland’s Senate rejects allowing politicians to fire judges
WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s senators have rejected a much-criticized bill that would give politicians the right to fire or fine judges. The Senate’s vote on Friday can extend work on the legislation but ...

Poland to have complete set of 4Q19 data
EUR/USD is trading around 1.11, paring some of its losses stemming from upbeat American figures. US markets are closed on Monday ahead of the all-important ECB meeting and other events. GBP/USD is ...

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to Lead US Delegation to Poland for Auschwitz Ceremonies
(JTA) — U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin will lead the U.S. delegation to Poland for the ceremonies surrounding the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The events on the grounds of ...

Poland summons Russian ambassador over WWII spat
After Vladimir Putin slammed Polish envoy to Nazi Germany as an "anti-Semitic pig," Poland summoned Russia's ambassador. The nations dispute the role of Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of non-aggression in ...

Could Poland Be Next To Exit The European Union Due To Judicial Overhauls?
Armed with European flags in hand, thousands of protesters have marched across Poland this week in opposition of a law that could allow the government the power to fire and control the judiciary if it ...

Is Poland Europe’s New Furniture-Making Powerhouse?
For Americans, European furniture might mean a sleek Italian sofa or a sculptural Danish chair. Far fewer would think of Poland. Yet the Central European country is poised to become the continent’s ...