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News for Pontiac

Arrest made in connection with Pontiac hit-and-run incident that critically injured woman
A woman trapped under her car was rescued by Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies after a hit-and-run incident in Pontiac.

Parole absconder on the run after causing hit-and-run that leaves woman trapped under her car in Pontiac
Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies rescued a woman pinned under a car in Pontiac following a hit-and-run crash allegedly caused by a parole absconder. The Sheriff’s Office said the suspect ran a stop ...

The Keys to a ’77 Pontiac Firebird Are Hidden in Colorado. If You Find Them, It’s Yours
Anyway, they and everyone else now have an extra reason to visit the Centennial State in droves, because tearing around Colorado this weekend might help you find the keys to a restored 1977 Pontiac ...

Man who struggled to swim in Pontiac lake in critical condition after rescue
A witness said the man was swimming to retrieve a kayak, began to struggle in the water about 50 feet from shore and did not resurface.

Oakland County creating affordability plan with 40% of Pontiac residents behind on water bills
Oakland County will be using state dollars to create a water affordability plan with nearly 7,000 Pontiac households behind on their water bills owing a combined $4.19 million.

Mischievous postman’s stash of 20 classic Pontiac Trans Ams up for auction
A retired postman's collection of 20 Pontiac Trans Ams is being auctioned following his passing last year. Bernie Larson of Kansas was a fan of the brand.

Pontiac GTO Sinister Widebody Rendering Looks Like a Classy Demon
It's not just powerful V8 engines that made muscle cars so popular. Take the Pontiac GTO, for example, which is an icon built on legends, rarity, and unique design.

Pontiac GTO Shows Modernized Muscle in Widebody Rendering
Up until recently, when the pressure of electrification became real for the muscle car segment, many people took these delicious brutes for granted. Well, now that we know the end is near for the ...

‘Good Samaritan’ rescues young child found wandering at night in Pontiac
A 4-year-old child found wandering alone in a Pontiac field Tuesday night — dressed only in a diaper — was rescued by what authorities are describing as a “Good Samaritan.” ...

How you can help build a 50,000 square-foot skate park in Pontiac
Pontiac Skatepark Project is looking for help creating a skate park in the downtown area after receiving a matching grant for a $500,000 project. On June 21st, known as national Go Skate Day, a ...

A Factory Supercharger on Your Pontiac Vibe Was the Ultimate '00s Tuner Move
Built in the factory that today houses Tesla, the Pontiac Vibe was pretty much a badge-engineered Toyota Matrix, which was essentially a Corolla hatchback. Save for their styling and HVAC systems, the ...

Life under COVID: Pontiac teacher making up for lost time
The Pantagraph for more than a year has been chronicling the experiences of six area residents as they navigate the challenges of COVD-19 and its aftermath.