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Beaches staying closed June 1, but pools reopening and hotels can sell to tourists again
Dade will not allow beaches to reopen as planned on Monday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced Sunday after a night of vandalism, theft and damaged storefronts in downtown Miami.

From pools to beaches to barbecues, health experts weigh the coronavirus risk tied to summertime fun
There's no activity that doesn't come without risk, health professionals warn. However, there are some that may have reduced risk of Covid-19 infection or ways to safeguard yourself and others.

Murphy wanted to open community pools in N.J. Here’s why that hasn’t happened.
Gov. Phil Murphy made the comments Friday during an update briefing on the coronavirus outbreak in New Jersey.

Beaches, hotels and pools reopening as Miami-Dade tries to get its tourism back
Dade’s tourism industry spent 10 weeks smothered by coronavirus restrictions that shut down beaches and closed hotels to vacationers and most business travelers.

Marietta Pools And Parks Open Monday With Restrictions
Parks in Marietta and throughout Cobb County will reopen most of their facilities to residents beginning Monday, including outdoor playgrounds, restroom facilities, and aquatic centers. Many of these ...

Rand: May Melee proves better fix for Overwatch than hero pools
Emily Rand argues that hero pools were an overcorrection by the Overwatch League to a stagnant metagame and the recent May Melee tournaments proved to be a better way of generating excitement for the ...

Callers to reopening task force raise questions about pools, wedding venues
Granite Staters hoping to get their businesses back on track expressed their concerns Friday to the state's reopening commission.

Swimming pools could reopen as early as July — but changing rooms may stay closed
SWIMMING pools could reopen as early as July — but new rules could mean changing rooms will stay closed and swimmers will have to show up in their cossies. New rules drawn up by officials will be ...

Need some summer fun? Swimming at Pa. state parks begins this week, pools to open mid-June
The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is gearing up for the public's return to parks and campgrounds during the coronavirus pandemic.

Splash pads, some pools, tattoo parlors reopen under Phase Two
As phase two of reopening the Las Vegas Valley continues, splash pads, public pools and tattoo parlors are among the places opening for use this weekend.

An Infectious Disease Expert Explains Why Beaches May Be Safer Than Pools This Summer
Pools often contain disinfecting chemicals like chlorine or bromine that can "neutralize" SARS-CoV-2 if trace amounts end up in the water. But one infectious disease expert says beaches at a lake or ...

6 Inflatable Pools That Are Going to Be the Unsung Heroes of Summer 2020
We're going to be spending a lot more time at home this summer, but with the right products, that doesn't have to be a bad thing! We'll be giving ourselves ...